Keltron to set up a supercapacitor manufacturing unit in Kannur


To meet the increasing demand for supercapacitors in various industrial fields, Kerala-based electronics manufacturer Keltron is planning to set up a production facility for supercapacitor manufacturing at Keltron Component Complex Limited in Kannur.

The facility will use the most advanced technology developed by Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre at Indian Space Research Organisation (VSSC/ISRO) in supercapacitor production.

The MoU for technology transfer was signed recently between KCCL and VSSC.

Supercapacitors are electrochemical energy storage devices that can be charged in seconds. “Unlike batteries, these are maintenance-free and environment-friendly. Further, these can operate at a wider temperature range, and last longer without any quick ageing”—VSSC wrote on its website.

Applications of interest include hybrid transportation systems, grid stabilization, and utility vehicles. Supercapacitors can complement a primary energy source such as an internal combustion engine, fuel cell or a battery that cannot repeatedly provide quick bursts of high power.

“Using hybrid energy/power systems consisting of supercapacitors and battery in parallel, repeated pulse power needs can be met with, in which supercapacitor handles the peak power delivery while the battery provides sustained energy for load and recharging the supercapacitor. There will be a significant advantage due to the reduction of mass and size of battery and improved battery life”—VSSC mentioned.

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