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A look into the green credit system for renewable energy

Green credits offer a vital mechanism for incentivizing environmentally positive actions beyond just corporations, involving individuals and communities. By providing tangible benefits for sustainable practices, such as renewable energy adoption and conservation efforts, green credits engage the public at large, fostering widespread participation in combating climate change.

Strategic challenges and choices in meeting Net Zero

One of the measures to achieve net-zero emissions and sustainability lies in transitioning from conventional energy sources to renewable and green energy alternatives. This article focuses on the transition process for businesses. It delves into the entire life cycle of this transition, encompassing regulatory frameworks, strategies, and the requisite consideration of investments needed to facilitate this shift towards a more sustainable future.


India at the forefront of leading the APAC region towards net zero, says a new study

Global management consultancy Kearney surveyed nearly 1,000 business leaders across diverse industry sectors in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region to find how the region is faring in its sustainability efforts and explore the trajectory of sustainability. The study report indicates India’s relatively healthier pace of progress towards global net zero targets than other APAC countries surveyed.

Israel hits 51% renewable production for first time

The Israeli government said that earlier this month, for several minutes, renewable energy accounted for most of the nation’s energy production. In particular, solar covered 45% of total generation.

Adani sponsored ‘green energy gallery’ opens at London Science Museum

London Science Museum’s newest exhibit is focused on energy transition and renewable energy. The gallery showcases how the world can generate and use energy more sustainably, highlighting technologies and projects from the UK and abroad. Adani Green Energy is the gallery’s title sponsor.


Renewable energy developers applaud Supreme Court verdict on Great Indian Bustard protection

India’s apex court has relaxed restrictions on the construction of overhead transmission lines in the potential areas for renewable energy generation in Rajasthan and Gujarat. It has also constituted a new committee to identify measures and safeguards to be adopted in overhead transmission that can help conservation of Great Indian Bustard.

Envirostream eyes increased recycling revenues after boosting battery volumes

Battery technology company Lithium Australia’s 100%-owned subsidiary Envirostream is seeking to scale up its battery recycling efforts, signing an updated agreement with South Korean manufacturer LG Energy Solution in a move that could deliver 770 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries for recycling.

Lithium battery recycling: Opportunities, challenges, and sustainable practices

India’s ascent in the Li-ion battery recycling industry can be a win-win for its clean energy ambitions and economic development. By addressing the existing challenges and embracing opportunities, India can be a beacon of light for the rest of the world.


IIT Kanpur-incubated startups showcase solutions ranging from dual-axis solar tracker to solar-powered UAV

The Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC) at IIT Kanpur provides support and guidance to those looking to turn their ideas into successful and meaningful business models


How green credits and green loyalty programs are shaping a sustainable future

Green credits and green loyalty programs represent a burgeoning movement towards sustainability that transcends traditional environmental activism. They embody a partnership between businesses and consumers, where every green choice is celebrated and rewarded.