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Media Data

Discover the pv magazine group‘s 2018 media data. It contains information, in English, on all of pv magazine’s editorial ventures, including: the monthly global magazine and daily news website; the pv magazine USA website; the quarterly pv magazine Germany and daily news website; the annual pv magazine China and website; the annual pv magazine Japan; the annual pv magazine Latin America and daily news website; and the pv magazine Australia and Mexico websites.



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Eric AST
Head of Global Business Development Photovoltaics

“pv magazine is a must-read for any company following the PV industry! It covers a broad range of topics, from technological to market trends, and reading it every month gives me a great compendium of information on the PV industry.”


Alison Finch
Chief Marketing Officer

“pv magazine is the go-to international solar publication that understands the importance of reputation and quality within this dynamic industry. Huawei regularly interfaces with pv magazine’s editors, journalists and events organizers across the globe and the Huawei Solar team will tap into pv magazine’s newsfeeds on a daily basis. We really appreciate their integrity, professionalism and passion for the PV industry, all of which raises the standards and contributes to our collective success.”

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