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Energy Storage

GAIL opens funding scheme for renewable energy, electric mobility startups

State-owned natural gas supplier GAIL has started accepting proposals from startups in the renewable energy and electric mobility sectors for equity investment under its “Pankh” initiative.

IH2A chalks out roadmap to accelerate hydrogen commercialization in India

The industry body proposes building at least 25 scalable green hydrogen projects with a cumulative electrolyzer capacity of 150 MW by 2025. The industry can then apply the expertise and experience gained from these first-generation projects to build gigawatt-scale projects in the 2025-30 period.


Hero Future Energies, Ohmium to install 1 GW of green hydrogen capacity

Indian renewable energy developer Hero Future Energies has partnered with US-based Ohmium International on the development of green hydrogen plants in India, the UK, and Europe with a cumulative electrolyzer capacity of 1 GW.

Bringing dead lithium back to life to boost battery lifespans

Researchers at Stanford University and the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have explored the potential recovery of lost capacity in lithium batteries by using an extremely fast discharging step to reconnect an island of inactive lithium with the anode. Adding this extra step slowed the degradation of their test battery and increased its lifespan by nearly 30%.


Growing advantage for off-grid storage in grid-tied applications

Swiss-based Studer Innotec is launching a battery inverter which brings the advantages of the off-grid space to grid-tied installations in Europe. In this interview, Pierre-Olivier Moix, chief technology officer and board member at Studer Innotec, explains the differences to a standard energy home system, and some possible applications.


Hydromet to set up lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Gujarat 

The Gujarat-based extractive metallurgy technology solutions provider will set up a 1,000 tonnes per annum (TPA) lithium-ion battery recycling plant, primarily based on the hydrometallurgy process developed in-house. It plans two more such facilities, taking the overall capacity to 10,000 TPA. 


Redox flow battery retains more than 90% of capacity over 6,000 cycles via new catholyte

The battery was built with a new catholyte and a symmetry-breaking strategy, which consists of changing the symmetry of the redox-active organic molecules instead of using the common approach of attaching a hydrophilic functional group.

Lithium-metal battery with capacity retention of 88% over 1,000 cycles

German scientists have applied a new combination of cathodes and electrolytes to improve the stability of lithium-metal batteries. They fabricated a device with an energy density of 560 watt-hours per kilogram and a Coulombic efficiency of 99.94%.

IIT Bombay researchers increase hydrogen yield three-fold using a 19% energy-efficient method

The researchers showed a premagnetized carbon-cobalt catalyst interface could deliver up to 650% enhancement in electrocatalytic kinetics of hydrogen evolution reaction. The synergistic interface was able to sustain magnetization, and thus rapid hydrogen evolution rate, for prolonged time periods. 


CATL claims to have made sodium-ion batteries a commercial reality

The manufacturer has launched sodium-ion products online. Production has begun and will be easily scalable, according to the CATL chairman. Researchers have been keen to make the technology work as it offers a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to lithium-ion products.

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