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Technology and R&D

Tata Chemicals, IITB-Monash join hands for perovskites research

Tata Chemicals Ltd has collaborated with IITB-Monash Research Academy for research on the transformative potential of perovskite materials in the field of clean energy.


Green hydrogen, power generation tech based on compressed air storage, solid-oxide electrolysis cells

Scientists in Korea have developed a compressed air storage system that can be used as a combined cooling, heat, and power system and provide heat and power to solid-oxide electrolysis cells for hydrogen generation. It showed an overall roundtrip efficiency of 121.2% and over-unity efficiencies in the range of 100% to 120%.

Canada’s SPARQ Systems enters PV microinverters partnership with Jio

Canada-based microinverter company SPARQ Systems has entered into a partnership agreement with JioThings, a fully owned subsidiary of Jio Platforms Ltd. of Reliance Industries, to supply the Indian conglomerate with PV microinverters.

Subsea pumped hydro for utility scale storage at deepwater

Researchers in Norway have investigated the technical potential of implementing subsea pumped hydro storage at water depth not exceeding 2,000 m. They also identified potential locations for these storage systems based on energy density.

Lithos technology reduces water use in lithium extraction

Lithos applied for a $30 million DOE grant, which will help increase the facility’s capacity to sustainably process lithium hydroxide.


New CIGS solar cell design with antimony trisulfide promises 31.15% efficiency

The novel solar cell uses antimony trisulfide (Sb2S3) as the back surface field (BSF) layer. According to its creators, this layer can be included in conventional CIGS solar cells to improve their efficiency and reduce the absorber material’s cost.

Photovoltaics for wastewater disinfection

Researchers in Spain have developed a new system that simultaneously produces PV power and disinfects wastewater.

Agratas partners Tata Technologies to fast-track battery solutions for electric mobility, renewable energy storage

The collaboration with Tata Technologies will enable Agratas to accelerate product development, including the design and integration of battery cells into modules and packs for global customers in the mobility and energy sectors.

The scope for emerging solar cell technologies

In the fight against climate change, solar PV technology must increase its share in global electricity generation. This presents a mammoth challenge to the PV industry and research community. Intensive research efforts are necessary for developing various types of PV technologies parallel to Si-based solar panels.

Hyundai acquires stake in German PV recyling specialist Flaxres

Flaxres says it will leverage Hyundai’s capabilities to expand its business outside of Germany. The company has developed a solar module recycling technology that is based on short-term high-temperature heating using flash lamps.

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