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Utility Scale Storage

Small-scale floating PV with pumped hydro storage

Indian scientists have developed a system under which a pumped-hydro facility stores grid electricity during off-peak hours by pumping water to an upper reservoir. During peak hours, the system feeds the load, rather than taking power from the grid.

JLNPhenix Energy expands lithium battery capacity to 550 MWh/year

Noida-based manufacturer JLNPhenix Energy has expanded its lithium battery manufacturing capacity in India to 550 MWh/annum, with the addition of a 150 MWh/year plant in Maharashtra.


US startup claims hydrogen output for $0.85/kg or less via new water vapor electrolyzer

Advanced Ionics has developed an electrolyzer that runs at temperatures below 650 C. It is reportedly able to produce hydrogen for $0.85/kg or less. CEO Chad Mason recently spoke with pv magazine to provide a closer look at the water vapor electrolysis tech.

India to lead new energy wave

A new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) tracks key trends at major companies across India’s power sector value chain. It finds the nation is poised to lead the clean energy wave, with investors committing in response to the bold policies that are enabling the transition.


Transport minister calls for needs-based research on battery storage

India should focus on developing and manufacturing battery storage chemistries that are locally suitable in terms of economic, environmental and social considerations, Minister of Road Transport Nitin Gadkari said at India Energy Storage Week 2022 in New Delhi.

UK group develops liquid air energy storage tech

A UK consortium has developed the Prisma system, which stores thermal energy in liquid air form to provide onsite compressed air, via a latent energy cold storage tank filled with a phase-change material. It is expected to have a levelized cost of storage of GBP 114 ($143.10)/MWh.

Ayana Renewable, Greenstat Hydrogen to launch green hydrogen pilot in Karnataka   

Ayana Renewable Power and Greenstat Hydrogen India have signed an agreement to jointly develop green hydrogen projects in India. The first one will be launched in Karnataka.


NTPC tenders 250 MW/500 MWh energy storage project in Rajasthan

A unit of NTPC has opened global bids to develop 250 MW/500 MWh of battery energy storage capacity in Rajasthan. The proposed plants will need to have enough capacity to store two hours of electricity. Bidding closes on June 6.


Energy Vault, NTPC sign MoU for gravity-based energy storage

Switzerland’s Energy Vault will support India’s state-run power producer NTPC in energy transition by deploying its gravity-based energy storage technology and software solutions.


MIT, NREL researchers develop 40%-efficient thermophotovoltaic cell for grid-scale thermal batteries

The device is described as a heat engine with no moving parts that is able to produce power from a heat source of between 1,900 to 2,400 C. This concept is known as thermal energy grid storage (TEGS) and consists of a low-cost, grid-scale storage technology that uses thermophotovoltaic cells to convert heat to electricity above 2,000 C.


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