MNRE invites solar research proposals


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has invited project proposals from industrial players, startups and R&D labs, as well as institutions that are actively engaged in research, development and solar demonstrations, including the integration of PV with storage.

Specific R&D areas include the processes for segregating different components of PV modules, as well as the recycling of glass. Research will also focus on grid-tied inverters that are suitable for the Indian grid and the country’s environmental conditions, in addition to hybrid inverters with capacities of up to 500 KVA, electronics for HT grid stabilization that incorporate storage batteries, and high-efficiency perovskite solar cells on single- and multicrystalline silicon substrates.

The MNRE has also invited proposals to develop PV-based thermal storage systems for cold storage, air conditioners and solar chulla (stoves) with thermal storage. It has also requested proposals for wastewater recovery from industrial waste through solar thermal technologies, as well as solar thermal applications for new industrial applications.

In April, the MNRE suggested mandatory glass recycling procedures for solar PV panels. So far, India has yet to introduce a policy to manage solar glass. Recycling facilities for end-of-life modules are not yet available in the country.