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Silicon solar cells

REIL seeks 200,000 silicon solar cells

Bids are invited from Indian manufacturers to supply five-busbar mono-/multi-crystalline silicon solar cells rated for minimum of 4.62 watts. Bidding closes on January 27.

Simplifying solar cell deposition

Scientists in Germany have developed a new process for deposition of silicon dioxide layers during cell production. Without the need for high pressure, flammable gases, or vacuum conditions, the process could lead to cost reductions for cell manufacturers, provided it can be developed and applied in a large-scale production setting.

REIL seeks 150,000 multi-crystalline silicon solar cells

Bids are invited from Indian manufacturers to supply four-/five-busbar multi-crystalline silicon solar cells rated for 4.5W peak output. Bidding closes on March 15.

IIT Bombay, BHEL in race to develop high-efficiency solar cells

India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is funding the research to develop high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells, including those with passivated emitter and rear contact structure, and perovskites. 


REIL seeks two lakh multi-crystalline silicon solar cells, again

Manufacturers have until December 22 to bid for supplying 200,000 four-/five-busbar solar cells rated for a power output of 4.5 watts. 

REIL tenders for supply of 5.8W mono PERC solar cells

Bids are invited from Indian manufacturers to supply 5000 mono PERC silicon solar cells. The deadline for bid submission is December 23.

BHEL tenders for supply of 286,000 solar cells

Manufacturers have until December 4 to bid for the supply of 286,000 multicrystalline silicon solar cells using five bus bars. The cells are required in the peak power rating of 4.62W (10,000 quantities), 4.67Wp (60,000) and 4.72Wp (216,000).

CEL tenders for 1.5m multi-crystalline solar cells

Only Indian manufacturers and their authorized vendors can bid and the devices must have five busbars and a conversion efficiency of at least 19.6%. Bidding closes on October 16.


Central Electronics tenders for solar cells and modules

State-owned engineer Central Electronics Limited has opened tenders to supply 300,000 multi-crystalline cells, with a minimum rating of 4.57 Wp, and 15 MWp of 72-cell, 315 Wp modules.

Solar modules sought for NTPC’s Solapur project in Maharashtra

Domestic manufacturers have until October 27 to bid for the supply of crystalline solar modules aggregating to a nominal DC capacity of 33.6 MWp.

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