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Trina reveals new US factory plans

Trina Solar has revealed plans to build a new factory in Wilmer, Texas. It will source polysilicon from unspecified locations in Europe and the United States.

JA Solar to build 5 GW of cell capacity in Vietnam

GCL Technology Holdings Limited reported strong revenue for the first half of 2023, while JA Solar says it will invest CNY 2.72 billion ($374.8 million) in 5 GW of N-type solar cell capacity in Vietnam.

Airtouch Solar launches cleaning robot solution for utility scale PV

Airtouch Solar Group has launched a cleaning solution for utility-scale solar PV plants to provide autonomous, water-free panel surface cleaning. The 4-meter cleaning unit weighs less than 40 kg and is commonly utilized in arid and dusty locations.

European solar manufacturers secure EU financial support

Norsun and Midsummer have both secured financing to support their capacity expansion plans. Norway’s Norsun plans to raise its polysilicon capacity to 3 GW and Midsummer wants to build a 200 MW module facility in Sweden.

Fully printed carbon electrode perovskite solar cell achieves 19.2% efficiency

German scientists have fabricated a carbon electrode perovskite solar cell with a hole-transporting bilayer made of organic semiconductors instead of a conventional hole transport layer. They claim this approach improves the device’s fill factor and open-circuit voltage.

New study finds growing inequality in metal footprints of renewable power value chains

A US-Chinese research team has investigated the flow of iron, copper, aluminum, and other precious metals from source to end-use destination in the renewable energy infrastructure value chain. It found significant imbalances that can be attributed to the continuous outsourcing of metal demand for the renewable power sector to developing economies.

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