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Solar panel cleaning

Airtouch Solar India wins REI 2023 award for product innovation

Airtouch Solar manufactures and sells its autonomous, water-free PV panel cleaning products and services in Israel and India. The company has won significant orders for its recently launched Airtouch AT 4.0 solution with leading Indian developers including Adani Green Energy and ReNew.

China’s Sol-Bright introduces automated robotic cleaning system for utility-scale solar plants

China’s Sol-Bright Technology has introduced a sixth-generation automated robotic cleaning system for solar panels in utility-scale PV installations. The robot features gear transmission and has a cleaning efficiency of minimum 99.5%.


Enel develops robot for waterless cleaning of PV plants

Enel says it will work with Italian startup Reiwa to develop a robot for waterless cleaning of PV plants. The innovative device features brushes and can autonomously navigate across panel rows, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Airtouch Solar signs $8.5 million cleaning robot contract with ReNew

Airtouch Solar will supply and install its dry-cleaning robots for PV panels in ReNew projects. It will also provide operation and maintenance support for 25 years.

Assessing shading effect of cleaning robots in solar farms

Qatari researchers have looked at the degree to which cleaning robots reduce PV plants’ yield with the shade they produce on the panels. They found that module orientation has an enormous effect on the impact of shadow.

Airtouch Solar signs $3.2 million cleaning robot contract with Amplus

Israel’s Airtouch Solar will supply and install its water-free panel cleaning robots for Amplus Solar’s PV project in Rajasthan. It will also provide comprehensive maintenance services for the robots for 25 years.


Water-draining clamp for solar panels

India’s Prasham Greens has designed water-draining clamps to drain the water accumulated on the edges of the solar panels after rains and water-based cleaning.


New nanocoating to improve solar module output 

India’s TriNANO Technologies has developed a nanocoating for solar modules that reportedly increases the panel’s power generation by up to 4% owing to its light trapping, anti-reflection and self-cleaning properties. It also lowers the panel temperature by 2-3 degrees Celsius compared to non-coated panels. 


India’s Sleepwalkers unveils dry-cleaning robotic device for solar panels 

Sleepwalkers has introduced an automated robotic device for solar panel cleaning that doesn’t require an additional rail system as it can move on the aluminum frame of the panels.


Anti-soiling PV coating delivers 3% boost in energy production

A study conducted in the semi-arid weather conditions of Ben Guerir, Morocco, evaluated the performance of antistatic and hydrophobic coatings for photovoltaic solar panels. After nine months of operation, the PV panels with coatings developed by Portuguese company ChemiTek produced an average of 3% more energy than the uncoated ones.

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