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US government funds pilot project for heated sand energy storage

The US Department of Energy is funding a pilot project to demonstrate the commercial viability of storing energy in heated sand, which is capable of producing 135 MW of power for five days.

California to use flexible appliances for renewable energy integration

California plans to shift 3 GW of load from dirtier, more expensive times of day to cleaner, less expensive times by setting flexible demand standards for many types of electric appliances. Global interest in California’s work is high, according to a state agency commissioner.

Scientists outline innovation pathways for PV technologies

Continued innovation in PV cell technology will have major impacts as PV is deployed at “multi-terawatt scale” over the next two decades, says a global team of scientists.

Energy efficiency a good substitute for long-term storage, says NREL

A 60% reduction in building energy use will be key to achieving a low-cost, 100% renewable energy grid, according to a new study by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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