The Hydrogen Stream: Scientists use perovskite compound to store ammonia


Riken Center for Emergent Matter Science researchers in Japan have developed an organic-inorganic halide perovskite compound that chemically stores NH3 through dynamic structural transformation. The compound undergoes a structural change upon NH3 uptake, allowing for efficient uptake and extraction. “X-ray diffraction analysis reveals that reversible NH3 uptake/extraction originates from a cation/anion exchange reaction,” they wrote in American Chemical Society. “This structural transformation shows the potential to integrate efficient uptake and extraction in a hybrid perovskite compound through chemical reaction.”

Bosch says it is preparing to showcase new hydrogen-related products during its upcoming Tech Day. The German company is developing technologies for the production, compression, storage, and use of hydrogen. It says its main manufacturing site in Feuerbach, Germany, will produce fuel-cell power modules (FCPM) from July. The FCPM weighs more than 500 kilograms, has a surface area of approximately 1.5 square meters, and a total output exceeding 200 kW. Bosch will also unveil a water treatment system, scheduled for launch in 2024. Stefan Hartung, chairman of the Bosch board of management, noted the importance of ultra-pure water for green hydrogen production and highlighted the company’s special-purpose systems for water treatment in remote areas.

HH2E and Foresight Group have completed funding for the green hydrogen production site in Lubmin, Germany, with construction expected to be finished by mid-2025. The project aims for an initial capacity of 100 MW, scalable to more than 1 GW by 2030. HydrogenOne and Foresight signed a final agreement in May to invest in HH2E, which acquired 120 MW capacity of electrolysis equipment from Nel in March. 

FDE says that the HECO2-Plasmalyse Hybride consortium, including FDE, has been selected to promote decarbonated hydrogen usage in Belgium. The consortium aims to build a clean hydrogen production pilot project using Hybrid Plasmalysis technology. The ultimate goal is to establish a plant producing 15,000 tons of hydrogen and 45,000 tons of solid carbon materials. FDE also recently announced the discovery of natural hydrogen in one of the drilled wells, with significant hydrogen concentrations in the Carboniferous formations of the Lorraine mining basin. In May, FDE announced the discovery of natural hydrogen (white hydrogen) in one a previously drilled well.

UK Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance Martin Callanan has confirmed that the hydrogen village trial in Whitby will not proceed due to lack of local support. Discussions are ongoing with NGN regarding the potential trial in Redcar. The rejected project aimed to transition Whitby to hydrogen by 2025, while Redcar remains the sole hydrogen village trial location in the United Kingdom, facilitated by the NGN gas network. Gas distribution network Cadent and British Gas proposed the project in Cheshire, offering residents the choice to participate. The decision raised criticism, with differing opinions on the transition from fossil fuels. Callanan, a Conservative politician, has been vocal in his opposition to the Labour Party’s no-fossil-fuel policies.

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