Stackable home battery with 9.6 kWh to 38.4 kWh of capacity


From pv magazine Global

Lithion said this week that its lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) residential battery is now UL-certified when paired with Sol-Ark 12K hybrid inverters. The company achieved UL 9540 certification after going through rigorous testing for reliability and safety.

The Stack’d Series LFP batteries are a modular platform that can be scaled in 4.8 kWh increments, from 9.6 kWh to 38.4 kWh. The company is vertically integrated, using its own Tier 1 prismatic cells in the composition of the battery.

While many battery providers claim whole home backup capability, central A/C and other large appliances may not be able to start up after an outage, Lithion said. The company’s battery is capable of up to 16.8 kW surge and 14.4 kW continuous power, providing true whole-home backup.

LFP batteries are known for their reduced fire risk due to the elimination of cobalt, which is known to be connected to mining practices that have human rights and environmental concerns. The company said its batteries are designed to be readily recyclable at the end of their lifecycle.

The battery is paired with a low-voltage 48 V system, IP55 water and dust resistance, and a proprietary battery management system, all elements of the safety and stability of the battery. A 10-year, 4,000-cycle full-refund warranty is included.

Sol-Ark said the battery makes a good match for its inverters, boosting ease of install. “With our upcoming Sol-Ark 15K, the Stack’d Series battery will be the only battery on the market to maximize its capability,” said Bhawna Oberoi, COO of Sol-Ark.

Lithion’s modular designs make a “drop-in” solution for replacing lead acid batteries, designing them to be easy to implement without retooling efforts. This leads to cuts in purchasing, inventory, and servicing costs, said Lithion. The company is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada.

Sol-Ark is a Texas-based company started in 2013 by local US veterans with experience in semiconductors and power electronics. It has multiple production lines for its inverter lines, including the Sol-Ark 12K hybrid, which makes for a full home backup and off-grid solution when paired with the Stack’d Series batteries.

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