Europe’s Wamtechnik, ION Energy partner to enable electric excavator


Poland based Li-ion battery manufacturer Wamtechnik has partnered with Mumbai based ION Energy to enable design and deployment of an electric excavator for a leading European construction equipment maker.

Under the partnership, ION Energy will license its battery management system (BMS) technology platform to Wamtechnik, which envisages the design and deployment of a range of compact electric construction equipment that would operate in subzero temperatures (below -20°C).

“To solve the gaping problem of accelerated battery life degradation caused by the extremely cold temperatures as low as -20°C that lead to lithium plating, ION developed and implemented the control of a unique Wamtechnik thermal management system that manages the safe operation of a Li-ion battery at temperatures as low as -40 degree C, where the excavator is expected to function. The system verily powers up the heaters using onboard chargers and brings up the battery to an optimum temperature before its activation”—ION Energy said in a statement.

The Wamtechnik-ION Energy collaboration aims to address the dearth of sustainable, zero-emission construction machines that could replace the diesel engine to absolution.

ION Energy’s technology utilizes a 48V, 456Ah battery pack to power the primary model of the excavator. The battery pack is constructed using ten parallel modules of a 14S16P cell configuration, to achieve the rated energy capacity.

ION Energy’s smart battery management system enables a highly scalable and reliable Master-Slave architecture for batteries manufactured by Wamtechnik. The battery giants configured a battery pack with variants of different energy capacity that would work on all of them without depending on hardware and software customization.

Wamtechnik leveraged ION’s artificial intelligence (AI) powered battery platform—Edison Analytics—to visualize, predict and interpret battery data to improve battery life and manage their fleet.

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