‘Smart Asia 2019’ comes to Mumbai with focus on solar and water management system


This year’s event will bring together industry leaders in the smart city domain, while the expo will showcase solutions from some of the brightest players in Taiwan; and address urban city planning, IoT solutions, smart energy, smart transportation, smart water management, environmental sustainability, and future smart cities development in India.

With sustainable city planning as a key focus area, adoption of solar energy has been a prime component of the same. The central government has proposed that the public sector companies set-up large scale solar energy projects of 1.8 GW each, which presents a significant opportunity for builders and developers. However, since India’s indigenous solar solutions capacity is limited, TAITRA aims to bridge the demand-supply gap with state-of-the-art technology at their disposal.

Moreover, recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to conserve water amid the country’s water crisis and hence, it is important to lay focus on effective water management solutions. As such, Taiwanese companies such as Ever-Clear, which is a waste water management specialist, and water treatment solution provider aims to bring its expertise to India. The expo will also see Buder Electric Appliances, a professional water dispenser manufacturer, make its presence felt with its solutions for smart building adoptions, guaranteeing users clean and safe water.

Speaking on the third edition of Smart Asia 2019, Mr. James Huang, Chairman of TAITRA said, “After a successful stint in Bangalore (2018), where we witnessed over 70 per cent players adopting our technology with a potential impact on approximately 150,000 end consumers, the need for smart city solutions became evident. Moreover, with significant uptake from the city planning segments in India like real estate, infrastructure and transportation, we look forward to offering our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven urban city solutions that will significantly boost productivity.”

This year, the summit will gather notable speakers like R. T. Tsai, Vice President, Delta Electronics, Taiwan; SK Chang, Professor and Director, Advanced Public Transport Research Center, and Naresh Pradhan, Project Officer-Transport, Asian Development Bank. The expo division will comprise of exhibitors from Delta Electronics, Ahamani EV Technology and Acer Being Communication of the Acer Group. Smart Asia 2019 will also feature ‘Taiwan Excellence’ and ‘COMPUTEX’ pavilions, exhibiting Taiwan’s diversified award-winning and AI incorporated smart solutions for their Indian counterparts.