Magenta Power launches green energy training and education academy


Magenta Power, a provider of renewable energy solutions and EV charging infrastructure space in India, has launched its academy ‘MITRA’ [Magenta Innovation Technology and Research Academy] that shall support individuals and organizations in their transition to a sustainable energy future, and also serve as the principal platform; a centre of excellence, and a repository of technology, resource and knowledge on green energy.

Instituted in Mumbai, MITRA provides the first step for a career-focused individual to understand the world of green energy solutions. The free course has a formal training syllabus, with more than 6 training modules. The certificate course helps those who are new to the field, or looking to make a career change, or just want to learn more about green energy and the needed solutions.

The training provides practical tools to accelerate green energy deployment that shall facilitate knowledge sharing and technology transfer to provide clean, sustainable energy for the world’s growing population. Aligned to this, there is a structured model imparting basics of solar power, electric vehicles and Informatics.

On its launch, Maxson Lewis, Director – Magenta Power said, “MITRA by Magenta shall be zero profit module wherein only the training cost would be incurred without earmarking any profits. We are committed to developing clean and green technology specific to the Indian concerns. We believe many times the conviction to move to clean solutions comes from education and awareness and that is what MITRA aims to achieve.”