India’s first-of-its-kind public EV charging plaza inaugurated by Power Minister


With a focus on enhancing energy efficiency and promoting e-mobility, R.K. Singh, the Minister for Power, New & Renewable Energy, has inaugurated India’s first public electric vehicle (EV) charging plaza at Chelmsford Club in New Delhi.

This plaza will host five electric vehicle chargers of different specifications.

While speaking at the occasion, Singh said, “The EV charging plaza is a new avenue for making e-mobility ubiquitous and convenient in India. Such innovative initiatives are imperative for the creation of a robust e-mobility ecosystem in the country.”

EESL is spearheading the EV ecosystem development in India by undertaking demand aggregation for procuring EVs and identifying innovative business models for implementation of Public Charging Station (PCS). EESL in collaboration with NDMC has established India’s first of its kind public EV Charging Plaza in Central Delhi.

Speaking on the inauguration of public EV plaza, Sanjiv Nandan Sahai, Secretary, Ministry of Power said, “The charging plaza, with its compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles will greatly spur e-mobility adoption. This would make EV charging hassle free and convenient for the consumers, thereby making e-mobility adoption an attractive proposition.”