Gentari Launches Clean Energy Platform ‘Gentari Go’ in Asia Pacific


Clean energy solutions provider Gentari Sdn Bhd through its subsidiary Gentari Green Mobility Sdn Bhd (Gentari) has launched Gentari Go, a customer experience platform offering an integrated sustainable lifestyle by unifying Gentari’s clean energy ecosystem. Currently featuring green mobility and renewable energy solutions, Gentari Go is now activated in Malaysia with a regional rollout planned for Southeast Asia and India in 2024.

Gentari Go is designed to be the companion for consumers looking to transition to clean energy. “Our aim is to become the platform of choice for every consumer starting their clean energy journey,” stated Shah Yang Razalli, CEO of Gentari Green Mobility. “We’re pioneering the seamless integration of clean energy, extending beyond EV charging to home energy solutions.”

Gentari Go’s conceptualisation anchors on core features that address the pains of consumers – both individuals and businesses, and its ecosystem will continue to be developed towards its vision of building a unified clean energy community.

Comprehensive and holistic solutions for a more sustainable lifestyle

Anchored by Gentari’s green mobility pillar as its foundation, Gentari Go offers a seamless and intuitive EV charging experience. It is an EV charging experience built in Asia, for Asia.

“Gentari Go offers simple, elegant interfaces that guide first-time users through discovery, activation and payment processes effortlessly. For seasoned users, we’ve integrated advanced features like our charging curve, providing real-time insights into energy consumption during charging sessions,” remarked Shah Yang Razalli.

This experience will now transcend borders. Building on the initial roaming partnerships with EV Connection and ChargeEV which provide consumers access to over 70% of charging points in Malaysia, Gentari Go now empowers cross-border charging via the first EV Charging Corridor from Singapore to Thailand, in partnership with regional Charging Point Operators (CPOs) such as CDG Engie, City Energy Go and EVolt as well as charging point management with SOC2 & ISO12700-certified Virta. These partnerships enable access to over 2,000 chargers across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. For consumers without an EV, the platform offers the option to rent an EV through its partnership with GoCar, thus helping consumers make the critical leap from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EV).

In line with Gentari Go’s aim to be the preferred sustainable lifestyle partner of consumers across Asia Pacific, the platform incorporates Gentari’s renewable energy pillar, supported by home energy solutions such as EV home charging as well as solar, enabling the flow of green energy from Roof to Wall to Wheel. Gentari Go further reaffirms the value of embracing clean energy by rewarding consumers with incentives, earning and redeeming points for using the platform and contributing to clean energy causes.