Exicom launches Multi-Standard Harmony EV Chargers and Battery R&D Center


The new R&D Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure for comprehensive evaluation of cell quality, battery pack design, rapid prototyping and reliability/environmental testing.

The facility ensures adherence to all international safety standards specific to Lithium-ion Battery Packs and facilitates development of battery pack using any cell chemistries and form factor. It will enable Exicom to design and develop automotive battery pack up to 500V and will strengthen Company’s ability to produce & deploy customized products and solutions across various automotive applications.

Exicom’s Harmony multi standard fast DC charger is one of the most advanced in the industry with cutting edge hardware and futuristic software. It is all in one electric vehicle charging solution and with 3 output connectors complying with CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2 AC. It will serve all types of vehicles and charging needs and single design can provide flexibility to accommodate anywhere between 30KW-150KW.

These chargers come with connected services to allow integration with payment platforms or smart electrical systems apart from housekeeping functions such as remote upgrades, diagnostics etc. The charger is ideal for highways, fleet operations, parking etc.

Exicom has established a leading position in the growing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure market in India. The company offers a comprehensive range of solutions for all EV charging infrastructure projects and has extensive experience of installing EV charging equipment on highways, public sector and private land. All projects are supported by a large and experienced field service presence across the country and capable of installing our proven EV charging equipment.

Speaking at the occasion, Anant Nahata, Managing Director of Exicom said, “We are committed to playing a leading role in the transition to shared, connected, and electric mobility. It is our consistent endeavor to offer the most innovative and affordable charging solutions to meet EV charging demands and enabling a stronger penetration of EVs in the country.

“We see EV chargers as more than just ‘just a plug’, they’re the gateway to the future of mobility and the first piece of the puzzle in giving people energy independence. Today, we have a full range of AC and DC Fast Chargers suitable for all types of Electric Vehicles ranging from 1 kW ~ 150 kW, supporting all global standards and both low & high voltage Battery platforms”.

The company has already been empaneled by leading automobile manufacturers in India and is actively working to collaborate with both public and private organizations.