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Grids & Integration

Multi-day energy storage increases grid capacity by factor of 10

Form Energy has released a white paper that provides further evidence that multi-day energy storage, like its iron-air technology, can substantially reduce the costs for New York to achieve its ambitious decarbonization targets.

Solar, storage, and V2G at the core of Israel’s future energy system

New research has shown that Israel has the technical potential to deploy 172.5 GW of photovoltaics, of which 132.1 GW would be from conventional installations and 40 GW from agrivoltaics. If deployed, this full potential would require energy storage with a capacity of at least 500 GWh and strong development of vehicle-to-grid technologies.


UK coal-fired power plant site to host 1,040 MW/ 2,080 MWh battery

Independent energy infrastructure developer Carlton Power has secured planning consent for a 1,040 MW/ 2,080 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS). The project is expected to strengthen the resilience of the energy system in northwestern England.

Weekend Read: It’s time to get Sirius

In a bid to avoid costly grid augmentation, Spanish electric vehicle (EV) charger supplier Wallbox has designed a multi-layered energy intelligence solution – proving that necessity is the mother of invention.

Integrating higher share of renewable energy in India’s power system

To increase the share of renewable energy, India needs to introduce demand-side measures like time-of-use tariffs, develop a well-connected national grid, deploy various energy storage options for grid balancing services, and convert its fossil-fuel-powered fleet to operate flexibly.

Green baseload hub to replace coal, gas generation in eastern Germany

German coal miner LEAG is planning a massive clean energy hub, comprising up to 14 GW of wind and solar energy generation paired with 2 GWh to 3 GWh of battery energy storage and 2 GW of green hydrogen production. Combined, these technologies are expected to create a net-zero baseload energy system.

L&T advances renewables infrastructure for world’s largest green hydrogen plant

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is set to begin constructing the renewable energy generation, storage, and grid infrastructure for the green hydrogen production facility in Saudi Arabia, as it has made significant progress from design to procurement.  

NLC seeks QCA services for 1.4 GW of solar and wind plants

NLC India Ltd is looking to engage a qualified coordinating agency (QCA) for its 1.4 GW of solar and wind power plants at various places in Tamil Nadu. The QCA will maintain the transmission of plant-level data and other required data to the state load dispatch center (SLDC), besides providing other services.


Rock-based thermal energy storage production moves into gigawatt scale

Israeli company Brenmiller is set to launch a 4 GW to 5 GW production line for its thermal energy storage systems, which use crushed rocks to retain heat that can be released as steam, hot water, or hot air.


Hitachi Energy opens advanced power system factory in Chennai

The HVDC and power quality product factory will cater to the rising number of high-voltage transmission projects in India and export to support global HVDC installations.

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