Modules & Upstream Manufacturing

Understanding why cesium and rubidium salt improve the yield of perovskite solar cells

The addition of either salt enables more even distribution of halide atoms within the perovskite material – key to increasing cell conversion efficiency. The explanation should speed up the process of identifying the best perovskite mixes.


Solar in India: The 10 Year Challenge

The last 10 years have seen India emerge as a solar superpower, setting an example from which many emerging countries in Africa and Southeast Asia are eager to learn.


India will miss 100 GW solar target according to Wood Mackenzie

Reports emphasize the likelihood of India remaining a world leader for solar but warn of missed targets for PV overall and rooftop in particular.

12 GW ‘new solar’ proposal: Industry reaction

“While there are ample solar PV module manufacturers in India to meet the government demands, the proposal would provide impetus to existing and new players to venture into cell production”—according to Sunil Rathi, director, Waaree Energies.

PV industry demand in India will help shore up silver price this year

According to the Silver Institute, demand for the precious metal in the solar industry will remain stable up to 2022, despite recent changes in China’s PV policy.

Premier Solar modules the first in the world to secure revised IEC certification

Testing has led to the first certificate of its kind worldwide since a revision of International Electrotechnical Commission Standards in 2016. Accreditation enables Premier Solar to access markets in Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Government prioritizes Indian products in plan for 12 GW of new solar

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved a plan for projects to be enabled by public bodies in the hope that avoiding competitive procurement will enable it to circumvent WTO rules related to import parity.

Now SECI tenders 1.5 GW manufacturing-linked 3 GW solar tender

India’s Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has tendered 1.5 GW worth of solar cell and module manufacturing capacity linked to ISTS connected solar PV power plants for an aggregate capacity of 3 GW. The plants are to be developed on ‘build own operate’ basis. The maximum tariff payable to the project developers has been fixed at Rs 2.75/kWh for 25 years.


10 GW mega solar tender trimmed to 3 GW

A week after rejecting the sole bid received from Azure Power, India has trimmed the size of its first ever manufacturing-linked solar tender by more than two-thirds.

South Korea kicks off polysilicon duty talks with China

At the Korea-China Free Trade Agreement Joint Committee meeting, the South Korean government urged China to lift import measures against its polyoxymethylene, optical fiber, polysilicon and grain-oriented electrical steel. China imposed duties on polysilicon from South Korea and the United States in July 2013.

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