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GP Eco Solutions IPO to open for subscription on Friday

The initial public offering (IPO) comprises a fresh issue of 3,276,000 equity shares with a face value of INR 10 each through the book-building route. Price band is fixed at INR 90-94 per share.

TBEA launches inverters for C&I projects

TBEA has developed new products with nominal power ratings of 75 kW to 110 kW and efficiencies of 98.6%. Their European efficiency rating is 98.4%.

Daewoo launches hybrid battery-inverters for residential PV

Daewoo’s new hybrid inverters feature LiFePO4 batteries. They are available in six variants, with power ratings ranging from 0.5 kVA to 10 kVA.


GP Eco Solar looks to raise INR 30-35 crore in IPO

GP Eco Solar will use the funds raised through the initial public offering (IPO) on NSE Emerge to fuel its growth in the solar sector. It will allocate around INR 12.45 crore for working capital and expansion, and invest INR 7.6 crore in subsidiary Invergy India for a new solar inverter assembly facility in Noida.

Wall-mount hybrid inverters from VSole

Indian manufacturer VSole has introduced single-phase hybrid inverters in power output ratings of 3 kW to 6 kW. The inverters allow uninterrupted power to the connected loads with a UPS-level switching time of 4 ms.


Statcon Energiaa introduces 3 kW grid-tie solar inverter

Indian manufacturer Statcon Energiaa has introduced a single-phase grid-tie solar inverter with a power rating of 3 kW. The inverter is intended for residential and small office applications.


String inverter for commercial solar installations 

SMA’s Sunny Tripower CORE2 110 kW string inverter with a flexible design allows up to 150% oversizing of the solar PV array.

Enphase Energy, Octopus Energy announce UK partnership

Enphase Energy says that Octopus Energy’s retail customers will be able to integrate solar and battery systems into their energy plans in the UK market, with the introduction of Enphase IQ8 microinverters and the IQ battery 5P platform.

Modular central inverter for large-scale solar plants

SMA has introduced Sunny Highpower PEAK3 modular central inverter for large-scale solar PV power plants with a decentralized architecture and system voltages of 1,500 V DC. With its compact design, the inverter offers a high power density per device.

Inverter undersizing not universally effective to reduce soiling losses

An international research team explained that, although inverter clipping is initially effective in mitigating soiling losses, these losses could become more visible with time, as solar module degradation makes clipping less frequent. They also warned that inverter undersizing alone may not be enough to mitigate soiling losses and suggested cleaning as an additional way to reduce them.

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