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Poweron unveils new hybrid inverters for residential solar

The Indian manufacturer has introduced wall-mount hybrid solar inverters with nominal power ratings of 3.68 kW, 4.6 kW and 5 kW. The inverters are compatible with both lead-acid and Li-ion battery.

Elusive longevity

The expected lifetime of PV inverters is significantly shorter than that of modules. In many projects, inverter replacement is included in financial calculations from the start, despite the high costs. Research is being conducted into the causes of faults to develop more durable inverters and components. But plant design can already improve the lifespan of inverters in use today, reports pv magazine Germany’s Marian Willuhn.

Polycab unveils grid-tie string solar inverters

Polycab has unveiled compact-size, light-weight grid-tie string solar inverters with power ranging from 1 to 5 kW, a maximum efficiency of 98.1%, and total harmonic distortion below 1.5%.

Kelwon introduces wall-mountable lithium battery inverters in India

Kelwon has introduced Lithium battery inverters as a compact and safe alternative to conventional lead-acid battery inverters. These inverters have an inbuilt lithium battery, which can be charged with solar as well as grid electricity.

KSolare unveils three-phase solar inverters

The 5G-Pro series grid-tie solar inverters are available with a power range of 3 to 60 kW.


Su-vastika launches up to 500 kVA lithium battery UPS

The Indian solar startup has introduced lithium battery-based three-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with power ratings from 10 kVA to 500 kVA.


Livguard unveils wall-mountable inverters for residential solar

India’s Livguard Solar has unveiled single-phase, grid-interactive inverters in rated power outputs of 3 kW and 5 kW, and efficiencies of 97.7% and 98%, respectively.


Statcon Energiaa launches plug-and-play microgrid inverter solution

India’s Statcon Energiaa has developed an outdoor inverter solution for microgrids that can integrate multiple energy sources including renewables (biomass, wind, hydro and solar), battery storage, and diesel generator and deliver continuous, voltage-stabilized power to the loads. It supports both AC and DC coupling.   


Solis eyes growth in utility-scale solar segment

The Chinese inverter major has showcased its 255K-Plus three-phase inverter for utility-scale solar applications in India. The new inverter is compatible with 500+ W bifacial modules.

Yotta Energy unveils new 3-phase microinverters

US manufacturer Yotta Energy said that its two new microinverters are compatible with up to four high-power PV modules. They have a peak efficiency of 96.5% and a nominal maximum power point tracking (MPPT) efficiency of 99.5%.