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Residential PV

Cost comparison between lithium batteries, fuel cells, reversible solid oxide cells as storage for off-grid rooftop PV

Scientists in the United Arab Emirates have looked at how off-grid rooftop PV could be combined with batteries, fuel cells or reversible solid oxide cells for energy storage. The modeling assumed a typical commercial building in Los Angeles.


Global solar demand to reach 190 GW this year, says IEA

The International Energy Agency expects solar, wind power, and other renewable energy technologies to achieve triple-digit global growth this year, with new PV additions set to reach almost 200 GW.

Terracotta solar tiles for historical buildings

Germany’s paXos, whose solar roof tiles were bought by Meyer Burger and unveiled last year, has shown off its new “Beaver Tail” terracotta solar tiles at Intersolar 2022.

High-voltage residential battery from Varta

The new high-voltage Varta.wall storage device features an aluminum design and is available in capacities ranging from 10 kWh to 20 kWh. It also boasts an emergency power function.

Stackable home battery with 9.6 kWh to 38.4 kWh of capacity

Lithion’s Stack’d Series LFP batteries are modular and can be scaled in 4.8 kWh increments, from 9.6 kWh to 38.4 kWh.

New renewable capacity additions doubled in FY 2022

India installed 15.5 GW of non-hydro renewable energy capacity in fiscal 2021-22, from just 7.7 GW installed in the preceding fiscal year. About 90% of the total, or 13.9 GW, came from solar.


Renac Power unveils high-voltage residential battery

Renac Power’s new plug-and-play battery has a storage capacity of 3.74 kWh, but it can be enhanced in series with up to five batteries to 18.7 kWh. It has a nominal voltage of 96 V and a voltage range of 81 V to 108 V.


India to lead new energy wave

A new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) tracks key trends at major companies across India’s power sector value chain. It finds the nation is poised to lead the clean energy wave, with investors committing in response to the bold policies that are enabling the transition.


India’s race to 175 GW renewables slowed by performance of key States

A new report finds Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh account for two-thirds of India’s 65 GW shortfall on 175 GW renewable energy target as of March 2022.


Delhi discom deploys digital data platform for solar energy management

BSES Yamuna Power Limited has deployed a digital solution pilot project that predicts the energy demand at consumption points like electric vehicle charging stations and energy generation capacity at solar rooftops. This will help the utility plan to store excess energy by considering the distribution congestion and commercial aspects. 

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