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Operation and maintenance

Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy revenue grows 78% YoY in Q1

Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy posted a revenue of INR 915 crore and net profit of INR 5 crore for the current fiscal’s first quarter ending June 30, 2024. The company reported strong order inflow of INR 2,170 crore in the quarter.

Lifecycle management in renewable energy projects

Routine inspections, monitoring systems, and predictive maintenance techniques play a vital role in optimizing energy output and ensuring the success and longevity of solar and wind power projects.

Guide to solar development under PM-KUSUM Scheme

Achieving and maintaining a capacity utilization factor (CUF) of 19% over 25 years without deration is feasible through careful selection of high-efficiency, low-degradation solar panels, and implementing robust design, maintenance, and monitoring strategies. By following the guidelines provided in this article, developers can ensure compliance with PM-KUSUM scheme and achieve sustainable, long-term performance of their solar power plants.

Grid upgrades needed to support Asia Pacific’s renewable energy expansion

A regional grid would allow the region to share excess renewable energy and facilitate the importing of renewable energy to meet domestic decarbonization goals in economies with limited renewable resources.


Optimizing solar investments

In India’s quest for a sustainable energy future, solar asset management emerges as a key to optimizing investments, ensuring reliability and maximizing productivity.


Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy revenue up 51% YoY

Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy has reported consolidated revenue of INR 3,035 crore in FY 2024, 51% up year-on-year. The company’s unexecuted order book surpassed INR 8,000 crore.

NTPC launches 1 GW wind-solar hybrid tender

The prospective developers will set up wind-solar hybrid power projects, connected to the interstate transmission system, to supply the power generated to NTPC.

O&M strategies to improve efficiency of solar assets

People, equipment, construction and technology best practices can optimize performance.

Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy closes Q3 FY24 with five project wins totalling over INR 2,400 crore

Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy’s gross unexecuted order value as on Dec. 31, 2023 stood at INR 8,750 crore.

Drones vs. aircrafts for PV plant inspection

Scientists in Italy have investigated the performance of drones and a human-crewed airplanes for carrying out aerial infrared thermography inspections on PV power plants. According to their findings, airplanes may be more cost-effective.


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