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Distributed Storage

Ez4EV to deploy mobile charging stations for electric vehicles

The mobile electric vehicle chargers will be deployed in cities and highways across India, mitigating the range anxiety among electric vehicle (EV) owners. These are equipped with a range of slow and fast chargers to support two-wheelers to commercial vehicles to premium EVs.

Cheapest long-duration storage for systems with high renewables

National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers have studied which tech offers the lowest levelized cost of energy to provide the US Western Interconnection grid with electricity when wind and solar are not available. They assumed 85% renewables penetration and determined that geologic hydrogen storage and natural gas combined-cycle plants with carbon capture storage are the cheapest options for 120-hour discharge applications. 

Novel battery chemistry for zinc-ion batteries

Scientists have demonstrated a zinc-ion battery that overcomes many of the challenges for this technology. By working with a highly-concentrated salt solution as the electrolyte, the group was able to achieve stability over more than 2,000 cycles combined with a strong electric performance. The group says that its work opens up “a viable route to developing aqueous batteries for emerging electrochemical energy storage applications.”

The long read: Hot thermal energy storage hopes

Thermal energy storage is dense, efficient, and suitable for greenfield and brownfield projects, with a potentially long lifespan. It can also be built with recyclable or low-impact storage materials. So why is it taking so long to achieve widespread commercial success? Tristan Rayner explores the latest developments.


The long read: Scaling up standalone power systems

As technology redefines the delivery of network services, grid operators in remote areas the world over are searching for more cost-effective and reliable alternatives to traditional poles and wires. Standalone power systems are the solar application that is at the forefront of the switch, and they’re ramping up fast.

New solar-powered EV charging station opened at Delhi-Chandigarh highway

The solar-powered EV charging station at Karna Lake Resort, Karnal, is one of the 20 such stations set up by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) along the Delhi-Chandigarh highway. It is equipped with AC001 (3×3.3kW), DC001 (15kW), and 72kW (50kW DC+22kW AC) chargers to charge all types of electric cars plying currently in the country.

Energy transition to create 60m solar jobs by 2050

The switch from fossil fuels and nuclear will bring a jobs dividend thanks to the greater labor-intensity of renewables plants, according to a paper published by Finland’s LUT. However, the jobs dividend is unlikely to be evenly spread around the world, with Europe set to be a big winner.

The long read: Battery gigafabs in India

India’s solar module makers have built a strong track record, and now the country is set to see vast battery facilities developed. A look into ambitious manufacturing projects and the wider enabled ecosystem.


Lithium-sulfur battery with shorter charging time, longer lifespan

Japanese scientists have developed a new lithium-sulfur battery by using titanium oxide and titanium nitride to prevent the formation of polysulfides during the fabrication process. This allows the battery to retain 85% of its capacity after 500 cycles at 2 C.

Hyundai and UL ally to give EV batteries a second life

The two agreed to advance safe deployment and use of second-life battery energy storage systems.

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