Energy Storage

The long read: Solar vs. salty drinking water

A solar array – complete with battery storage and remote monitoring and control capabilities – has been transforming brackish groundwater into fresh drinking water in the village of Beyo Gulan in the Somaliland desert since 2018. The installation was developed by Germany’s Phaesun. Its unique combination of low-maintenance electrodialysis desalination with PV saw it pick up an Outstanding Projects award from The smarter E. Phaesun’s Géraldine Quelle and Florian Martini say they are honored by the plaudits, and are readying the system for series production.


Microsoft trials hydrogen-powered data centers

The software giant has begun testing hydrogen fuel cells as a back-up power source at one of its U.S. data centers. A 250 kW pilot system successfully powered part of the facility for 48 hours and the company is now eyeing 3 MW systems to replace back-up diesel generators.

Guidelines for using coal-fired power generation to balance intermittent renewables

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has specified how procurement of back-up grid capacity will work for electricity distribution companies. The rules consider energy storage solely as part of the 51% clean energy requirement, and instead contemplate coal – with a variable price tariff element – as necessary for evening out supply.

New all-iron redox flow battery for renewables storage

Scientists in the U.S. claim to have demonstrated an inexpensive, long-life, safe and eco-friendly redox flow battery. The device is said to offer coulombic efficiency of 97.9%, thanks to functional electrolyte additives, pH and elevated temperature.

Another bidding extension for 14 MW solar with 42 MWh battery storage in Ladakh

The Solar Energy Corporation of India has extended the bidding for its solar-plus-storage project in Ladakh by one month. The revised deadline is now September 30.

Commercial and industrial rooftop solar set to surge

Rooftop solar is the obvious choice to save on electricity costs for businesses as they look to preserve capital and find ways to cut expenses post Covid-19. 

India to have 60% electricity generation from renewables by 2030

To support renewable energy integration, the government aims to make the thermal capacity flexible, almost 55% in the first stage and gradually extend it to the entire capacity.


The long read: PV + e-mobility = economic development

Mobility in rural Kenya is currently flooded with unsustainable CO2-emitting motorcycles that pose a threat to the environment and public health. But the electric tricycle is an environmentally friendly alternative, and Solar E-cycles – a homegrown Kenyan startup – believes a leasing model could unlock a ton of three-wheeled potential.


Hitachi ABB Power Grids launches charging solution for large EV fleets

The containerised solution integrates grid connection and multiple charging systems, allowing public transport and commercial fleet operators to charge more electric vehicles with less infrastructure in depots.

ARCI develops low-cost supercapacitor utilizing industrial waste cotton and seawater

The seawater-based supercapacitor exhibited maximum capacitances at a current density of 1 ampere per gram. Besides, it can last 10,000 charge-discharge cycles with 99% of capacitance retention and 99% of Coulombic efficiency. 

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