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Energy Storage

Australian scientists unveil method to produce hydrogen straight from ocean

University of Adelaide researchers and their international partners have successfully used seawater with no pre-treatment to produce green hydrogen. They did this by introducing an acid layer over the catalysts in situ.

Budget 2023-24 reaffirms government’s focus on domestic solar and battery manufacturing, green hydrogen

The budget signifies the government’s intent to drive domestic manufacturing of lithium battery cells as it waives customs duty on the import of machinery required for manufacturing these cells. It also continues with nil customs duty on critical inputs for solar manufacturing. The budget also aims to support large-scale battery storage projects through viability gap funding.

Second-life batteries might beat new ones on solar LCOE in remote locations

UK scientists have discovered that second-life batteries could provide a lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) than conventional batteries in school buildings equipped with PV in East African schools. They said the cheapest system configuration uses either 7.5 kW or 10 kW of solar with 20 kWh of storage.

Retired coal sites to host multi-day iron-air batteries

Form Energy will install two 10 MW / 1,000 MWh batteries on the sites of Xcel Energy’s former coal-fired plants.

India surpassed one million EV sales in 2022

Electric vehicles (EV) sales in India soared 212% year-on-year to surpass one million mark in 2022.


THDC, RRECL form JV to build 10 GW of renewable energy projects in Rajasthan

State-run hydropower producer THDC has formed a 74:26 joint venture with Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corp. Ltd to develop 10 GW of renewable energy projects in Rajasthan. The JV partners also plan floating solar and pumped hydro storage projects in the state.

US startup unveils saltwater flow battery for large-scale storage

US-based Salgenx has developed a scalable redox flow battery with two separate tanks of electrolytes, one of which is saltwater. Unlike other flow batteries, the new device is membrane-free, promising big gains at the levelized cost of storage level.

Gujarat targets 8mtpa green hydrogen production capacity by 2035

The state aims to emerge as a green hydrogen hub and decarbonize energy-intensive industries like fertilizers, steel, chemicals, and petroleum.

Storing renewables via regenerative braking in underground mines

Scientists in Austria have developed a long-term energy storage system that uses regenerative braking to adjust the descent speed of sand in mine shafts and generate electricity.

Rajasthan signs MoUs worth $14.85 billion for renewable energy, storage, and hydrogen projects

The State government has signed agreements for various giga-scale projects across renewable energy generation, solar manufacturing, pumped hydro storage, and green hydrogen.                                                                                                                


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