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Australia backs 248 GW pipeline to counter reliability challenges

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) says that 248 GW of proposed generation projects, storage installations, transmission developments, and government energy programs have the potential to address many of the risks in its latest market forecast – if they are delivered to schedule.

The Hydrogen Stream: Water splitting with solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of 12%

A Japanese team is working on a solar water splitting system with a 12% solar-to-hydrogen efficiency, while UK researchers have identified the reason why graphene’s dense crystalline structure is much more permeable to protons.

Batteries overtake pumped hydro in Australia’s National Electricity Market

Grid-scale battery storage systems have surpassed the charging capacity of pumped hydro in Australia’s national grid, following the recent completion of two new battery projects, totaling 150 MW.


Vena launches plan to support solar, storage ‘megaproject’ in Indonesia

Singapore-based developer Vena Energy says it will investigate opportunities to make solar panel components and battery energy storage systems in Indonesia, in order to support a hybrid megaproject with up to 2 GW of solar and more than 8 GWh of energy storage.

Australia’s latest tender for generation, storage largely oversubscribed

Investors have submitted bids for 3.1 GW of wind and solar projects, along with 1.6 GW of long-duration storage projects, in response to the New South Wales government’s latest tender for renewable energy generation and storage capacity.

Australian startup builds production line for thermal energy storage blocks

Australia-based MGA Thermal has secured AUD 8.25 million ($5.39 million) from domestic and international investors as it gears up for commercial-scale production of its thermal long-duration energy storage solution.

Lightweight solar panel provides solution for rooftop installations

Australian installer UV Solar has rolled out a new frameless solar panel that manufacturer GoodWe says is 60% lighter than conventional PV modules, making it ideal for rooftops that are unable to support traditional PV and racking.

Australian manufacturer unveils 5.12 kWh battery for residential applications

Vaulta, an Australian battery tech company, has developed its first dedicated residential battery. The small-scale energy storage system can purportedly operate for 4,000 cycles, with an 80% depth of discharge.

Australian startup unveils new wall-mounted residential EV chargers

Evos, an Australian startup specializing in electric-vehicle charging technology, has unveiled its first home chargers. The 7 kW wall-mounted devices are designed to add driving range to EVs for every hour they are plugged in.

Australian team claims 99% recovery rate with solar recycling process

Engineers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have developed a new, more effective method to recycle end-of-life solar panels. The technique allows them to quickly and efficiently separate 99% of PV cell component materials.

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