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New modular solar solution features cost-cutting ‘slide-together’ system

Green Energy Systems has unveiled a new Australia-made prefabricated modular PV solution for large-scale applications that purportedly offers significant cost reductions by eliminating all stainless-steel nuts, bolts and other traditional fitments in favor of a “slide-together” aluminum junction system.

Tindo unveils 410 W solar panel with 20.6% efficiency

Australia’s Tindo Solar has unveiled a new solar panel based on M10 wafers for residential and business rooftop systems. The new addition to the company’s Karra range has a rated power of 410 W at 20.6% module efficiency and 23.1% cell efficiency.


Australian solar park could generate hydrogen for less than $2/kg

A new study shows that hydrogen could be produced for as little as AUD 2.85 ($1.98) per kilogram, supporting Frontier Energy’s plans to make green hydrogen from a 500 MW solar project it is developing in Western Australia.

Shipping costs remain key challenge for solar sector

The solar industry will face elevated shipping costs and supply disruptions for at least another year until the global ocean freight system starts to normalize.


Global solar demand to reach 190 GW this year, says IEA

The International Energy Agency expects solar, wind power, and other renewable energy technologies to achieve triple-digit global growth this year, with new PV additions set to reach almost 200 GW.

Australian researchers promise lifespan boost for lithium-ion batteries

Researchers from The University of Queensland have developed a new nanotechnology that purportedly more than doubles the lifespan of high-voltage lithium-ion batteries, paving the way for higher density and lower-cost energy storage solutions.

Australian researchers announce lithium-sulfur battery breakthrough

Researchers from Australia’s Monash University have created a new generation of lithium-sulfur batteries to provide a cheaper, cleaner and faster-charging energy storage solution that outlasts lithium-ion alternatives and is rechargeable hundreds of times without failing.


India deal to drive Australian hydrogen startup H2X’s global expansion

Australian hydrogen vehicle and fuel cell startup H2X has partnered with Indian automotive parts manufacturer and developer Advik Hi-Tech in a deal which will see the Australian company’s products delivered into India and the wider international market.

Australian prefabricated solar array manufacturer launches new modular solution

Sydney-based 5B has taken the wraps off a new generation of its re-deployable modular Maverick solar technology which it says is not only quicker and easier to install than the previous model but 30% more powerful.

LG launches hybrid inverter for residential battery range

South Korean battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution has launched a new inverter in the Australian market, adding a 5 kW hybrid inverter to its Residential Energy Storage Unit (RESU) Home battery energy storage range.

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