Solar panels installed on Asia’s largest bio-CNG plant


Asia’s largest bio-CNG plant now sports an 800 kW solar array, which is helping it to save INR 8 lakh ($10,055) per month on electricity costs. The bio-CNG plant is located at the Devguradiya Trenching Ground in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

The company operating the bio-CNG plant incurs electricity costs of INR 38 lakh per month to power its operations. It plans to install another 800 kW solar panel plant in the complex within the next year. It expects that to help it save 40% on the bio-CNG plant’s electricity bill.

The plant treats 550 metric tons of wet waste (domestic organic waste) per day to generate 17,500 kg of bio-CNG, which is a purified type of biogas. It supplies 50% of its gas to Municipal Corporation, Indore, for use in public transport buses. The remaining 50% of its output is sold to various industrial and commercial consumers.

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