ABB to supply inverters for Solar charging stations for E-Rickshaws


Under the government’s scheme to provide subsidies to the e – rickshaws, now local authorities plan to set up nine solar powered charging stations under a pilot project. The charging stations can be used by 400 or so licensed e-rickshaw owners in the city.

ABB is going to supply the solar inverters for these charging stations. These charging stations can generate 50 KW of electricity and can serve 4 E – Rickshaws simultaneously. It takes around 7 to 8 hours for full recharge, enabling the vehicle to travel 100 to 150 kilometers.

The barrier for e rickshaws has been accessible charging stations, hence this pilot project. If there is infrastructure in place one can make a case for people to migrate to electric, according to Sachin Vishwakarma, CEO Jabalpur City Transport services.

He also gave a price scenario, saying that owner’s price of recharging from grid would be INR 40 to 50 ($ 0.62 – 0.77), compared to solar charging stations which is INR 30 ($ 0.46). Further adding that this program can also be replicated in other cities.

Currently there are 5000 petrol rickshaws are still operating in Jabalpur, Rajasthan burning 22000 litres of fuel a day. Thus, upgrading to e – rickshaws would remove around 46 tonnes of CO2.