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High import duties affecting solar deployment in Bangladesh

Analysts at a recent event in Dhaka called for the removal of high import duties on solar products in Bangladesh, as it could reduce PV system prices by up to 11%.

ADB offers $121 million for 100 MW solar project in Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) says a new 100 MW solar project in Bangladesh will be the country’s first private sector utility-scale PV facility to secure ADB support.

Premier Energies secures 140 MW PV modules supply order for solar project in Bangladesh

Premier Energies Photovoltaic has secured a contract with Amara Raja Infra to supply 140 MW of solar PV modules.

JA Solar supplies n-type modules for PV project in Bangladesh

JA Solar has started shipping its DeepBlue 4.0 Pro n-type solar modules for a 48 MW PV project in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh approves 300 MW of solar

The Bangladeshi authorities have approved three 100 MW solar projects, with tariff rates of around $0.10/kWh.

Tandem solar cell based on cadmium telluride, iron disilicide promises 43.9% efficiency

Researchers in Bangladesh have designed a dual-junction tandem solar cell with a bottom device based on iron disilicide (FeSi2), an emerging absorber material know for its high thermal stability and good optoelectronic properties. Their simulation showed the advantage of combining the larger bandgap of the top cadmium telluride cell and the smaller bandgap of the bottom FeSi2 cell.


Bangladesh’s solar project approvals hit 2.1 GW in 2023

In December alone, the Bangladeshi authorities approved 630 MW of PV projects.

Bangladesh approves 1.5 GW of solar

Bangladesh has approved more than 1.5 GW of solar projects over the past seven months, with recent developments including tariffs for 200 MW in November and 310 MW in October.

Novel cadmium telluride solar cell design with potential efficiency of 31.82%

Scientists in Bangladesh designed a cadmium telluride solar cell with upper/top and back contact materials made of aluminum (Al) and nickel (Ni). The device reportedly showed a quantum efficiency of around 100 % at visible wavelengths.

Bangladesh introduces rooftop PV requirement for big, new buildings

Bangladesh has implemented a new rule stating that new buildings with rooftop spaces exceeding 92.2 square meters must install net-metered solar power systems as a prerequisite for grid connection.


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