Vikram Solar launches half-cut-cell module at REI 2018


The new modules are based on the latest half-cell technology that increases module output by ~15 Wp per module compared to standard PV modules. The technology also boasts efficiency up of 19.56%.

The new high-density module technology is engineered to generate more power from advanced mono-PERC half-cells, thus achieving better Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). The innovative design principle minimizes shadow-loss through a series-parallel cell connection, when one-half of the modules are affected by shading. The high efficiency half-cell modules are the perfect fit for all utility and rooftop projects.

On the occasion Mr. Ivan Saha, BU Head- Solar Manufacturing and CTO, Vikram Solar commented, “We are taking a big step by introducing advanced new High-Density Monocrystalline Modules using innovative Cell-Cleaving Technology. The design, superior price performance, increased shade tolerance and reduced power loss is expected to make a big splash in the market.”

Key highlights of the new Solar Module:

  • The module consists of 144 and 120 half-cells instead of 72 and 60 full cells yet keeps nearly the same dimension as standard 72 and 60 cell modules
  • Higher energy yield through lower cell resistance. Half-cell modules have a higher fill factor and higher efficiency
  • The cells are cut with low temperature and lower kerf depth maximizing cell yield with no junction damage
  • Module power mismatch loss is reduced by a factor of four as power loss is proportional to the square of the current
  • No hotspot degradation on the modules
  • The split junction box provides better heat dissipation improving the life of the module