Tailor made solar power plants financial solutions for SME’s


This gives a most required relief to about 4 Crore + SME’s in India currently facing increasing electricity costs that negatively affect their margins.

While most of them are now aware of the short term and long term benefits of Solar Power, the main hurdle faced is high CAPEX investments on one hand and extremely high pay out on longer period if gone for PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) which normally are 20-25 years.

Ino-Solar is now offering innovative financial models where Customers can choose to invest zero or as suited by their cash flow and choose a Leasing term of 10 to 12 years for monthly payments.
The O&M for the period is been taken care by Ino-Solar which gives a low risk, low investment and quicker payback option for SME’s.

Above all, the customer can avail Accelerated Depreciation Tax benefit of up to 80 percent which is not possible in case of PPA.

The Leasing and finances are offered by Investors and Leasing Companies from all over the Globe who are associated with Ino-Solar which gives a more tailor made offer for each customer giving a hassle free and fast solution as compared to conventional Financing Models.

“With a varied customer base covering Industrial, Commercial and Residential clients with plant seizes ranging from 2 KW to 1000 KW, Ino-Solar has understood the prime constraint holding Small and Medium size organisations from going solar and is committed to provide Techno-commercial solutions suitable for each individual client’s needs,” added Unmesh Jagtap, CEO & Director of Ino-Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.