Sunsure Energy unveils a new identity to further its mission of decarbonizing Indian industry


Sunsure Energy, one of India’s largest C&I-focused independent renewable energy power producers, announced a brand refresh on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. This move is part of Sunsure Energy’s strategic plan to drive the shift towards green energy and become a full-stack independent power producer with a target of developing 5 GW of RE assets by 2028. The new brand mark, which features the universal energy symbol of solar panels with the sun at its center, represents the company’s DNA supported by the new tagline ‘Making India’s power move’. With the new tagline, the company aims to spearhead India’s move to renewable energy by helping industries decarbonize their power use.

The brand refresh features an exciting new colour palette that represents boldness, vitality, and warmth, along with a cleaner and more effective typeface. These changes signify a whole new way of experiencing Sunsure Energy – youthful, dynamic, agile, and remarkably ambitious.

Mr. Shashank Sharma, Founder – CEO of Sunsure Energy, said, “Our vision of ‘Making India’s Power Move’ signifies the nation’s steadfast march towards energy independence and its unwavering commitment to achieving a net-zero transition by 2070. This pivotal step entails guiding energy-intensive industries towards adopting sustainable energy sources, prioritizing ESG goals, diminishing reliance on fossil fuels, leveraging renewable energy, and propelling India towards complete energy autonomy.”

With the new tagline ‘Making India’s Power Move’, Sunsure Energy is all set to assist energy-intensive Indian businesses’ transition to clean energy seamlessly. The company provides round-the-clock renewable energy solutions tailored to the varied demands of Indian industry with the ultimate goal of achieving sustainability targets with the best returns.

Sunsure Energy’s brand refresh marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards powering India’s businesses’ shift to green energy. With their strategic plan and new brand identity, they are well-positioned to lead the way in India’s transition to renewable energy and make a positive impact on the environment while helping businesses achieve their RE100 and sustainability goals.


About Sunsure Energy

Sunsure Energy is one of India’s largest C&I focused Renewable Energy Power Producers. Sunsure is backed by Partners Group, a leading global private markets firm, acting on behalf of its clients. Founded in 2014, Sunsure has developed and installed solar power plants for power-intensive industrial customers across 16 Indian states. Sunsure is the partner of choice to corporations committed to RE100 targets operating in India and takes pride in its ability to deliver end-to-end decarbonization solutions in-line with long term corporate sustainability targets.