Solar PV equipment market in Vietnam is expected to reach US$ 9.61 billion in 2027E


A new report by Ken Research says Vietnam Solar PV Equipment Market is in the growing stage, being driven by Government Initiatives and availability of modern technologies. Vietnam Solar PV Equipment Market has various players. JA Solar, Trina Solar, ET Solar are the major Solar PV Module Manufacturers in Vietnam.

  • There is a great potential for green transition in Vietnam, which by 2050 can become a net zero-carbon economy
  • The upcoming technology being used in solar panels nowadays is a little different from traditional ones by coating the panels with a thin layer of a crystal material called perovskite
  • VietNam as a country is blessed with generous amount of sunshine with roughly 2000-2500 hours of annual sunlight, which makes it an ideal region.

Current Market Positioning: In the latest revision of PDP VIII edition, it mentions that Solar Photovoltaic Energy is a priority sector for the country. The growth is expected to accelerated particularly in the household sector due to the push for RTS system by the government, while the C&I sector will continue to see stable growth in the years to come.

Net Zero-Carbon Economy: There is a great potential for green transition in Vietnam, which by 2050 can become a net zero-carbon economy. Within the Net Zero Emissions Targets 2050 for Renewable Energy, the Government of Vietnam aims to comprise 75% of energy source from Solar. Meeting such targets as a country only reflects the huge potential and capacity the country has and is aiming to develop in future. To reach net zero emissions by 2050 at least cost, renewable electricity should be the main substitute for fossil fuels, either directly or indirectly.

Rising Installed Capacity: Vietnam’s Solar PV Installed Capacity is likely to contribute 21% of the total installed power capacity of the country by 2027E. Market is attracting significant investments in recent years and is expected to have a total Installed Capacity of Solar PV Equipment of 28200 MW by 2027E. Vietnam Total Installed Power Capacity is expected to increase at a CAGR of 10% in order to cater to the needs from industrial expansion and technological advancements.

The Dominance of the Northern Region: With the advantage of cheaper land, no space constraints, and other costs, northern region is likely to grow in the future, reaching a 18% market share by 2027E. While south is still likely to remain the developed hub of Vietnam with the highest market share for Solar PV Installed Capacity. However, since land is limited, the southern region has started to saturate and crowded now, reducing its share from 70% to 62% by 2027E. The central highlands region is likely to increase its capacity by 3% to a total 20% by 2027E.