RenewSys launches India’s first 6BB solar PV cells


RenewSys—integrated manufacturer of solar PV modules and components (encapsulants, backsheets and solar PV cells)—claims to have become the first Indian company to launch the production of six bus-bar (6BB) solar PV cells and modules.

The 6BB cells, part of RenewSys’ RESERV range of solar PV cells, will be manufactured using world class European PV cell equipment, in a clean room facility.

Increasing the number of bus bars in a photovoltaic cell along with improved gridline design improves the cell efficiency by lowering the series resistance and thus reducing the resistive loss. The refined design of RenewSys RESERV 6BB cells optimises the collection of current, reducing losses due to cell shadowing.

Lower power degradation due to reduction in the distance travelled by charge carriers under thermal cycling, improvement in reliability, long-term stability and lower susceptibility to power degradation due to micro-cracks are the additional significant benefits of 6BB cells and modules.

High-efficiency 6BB cells with this improved design will therefore increase the module power output.