RenewSys launches advanced technology to improve solar affordability and accessibility at REI 2019


RenewSys, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar PV modules, encapsulants, backsheets and cells has strengthened its position as an ‘InnovationHub’ with the launch of a host of technologically advanced products that address the key challenge facing the solar industry today – lowering the LCOE (levelized cost of electricity), at Renewable Energy India (REI) show in Noida, booth number 9.392.

The unique innovations launched at REI include a specialized backsheet for high reflectance. The Preserv LX range of backsheets with a high reflectance of more than 90% increase the contribution of the backsheet in the output of the modules.

Simply replacing the backsheet in any standard module with this high reflecting luminous backsheet will improve output noticeably. The Preserv LX range of backsheets – available in fluoro and non-fluoro variants – also improve the life and performance of modules, ensuring it benefits end consumers, whether commercial power suppliers or those installing solar plants for captive consumption.

While the luminous backsheet is designed to increase the output of standard modules and lower LCOE, land availability continues to be a challenge for utility scale installations. This has brought floating solar plants into focus.

Modules installed as part of floating power plants have to face a host of varied challenges. If not accounted for, these can have a debilitating effect on a floating solar plant. Hence, RenewSys has developed a special moisture resistant and high vapor barrier – encapsulant and backsheet – especially for floating PV projects that offer an affordable, lightweight alternative to the glass-glass modules used currently.

Being lighter, they are easier to handle and transport. Their formulation ensures uninterrupted performance on water bodies such as lakes, rivers, canals and seas in conditions such as increased UV exposure and humidity, formation of salt mist, moving substrates etc., opening up more avenues for PV installation.

Healthy, high performing solar modules require control on the entire PV value chain, a combination of silicon and polymer expertise, substantiated with focused innovation and reliability monitoring. Only an approach that factors in the long term performance of encapsulants and backsheets in a module, can assure reliable output through the 25-year-plus life of a solar project.

RenewSys has leveraged these diverse fields to launch advanced products that ensure increased output. The products on display at REI 2019 include: Galactic modules – a range of high efficiency, high output modules that are IEC and BIS certified including for resistance to PID, ammonia and salt mist; Deserv Extreme – India’s only glass-transparent backsheet module engineered using a specialized backsheet made in-house; RenewSys Multi Modules – fully DCR compliant and manufactured with RenewSys Made in India cells and two ultra lightweight flexible and semi-rigid modules suitable for all roof types.

RenewSys also holds India’s only UL certified POE and the launch of India’s first five and six-busbar cells