Pranav R Mehta takes over as Chairman of Global Solar Council


Global Solar Council (GSC) primarily aims at accelerating solar growth worldwide, and works hand in hand with international government bodies like International Solar Alliance (ISA), The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), REN21 and Clean Energy Ministerial.

Launched during the landmark UN COP 21 Climate Change dialogue at Paris on December 6, 2015, GSC is an international coalition of over 30 solar countries including China, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Middle East, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan and Malaysia, country associations as well as large, medium and small solar companies.

GSC inked an agreement of cooperation with ISA at Munich in June 2018 during Inter Solar Munich and chalked out many activities with ISA including for solar agricultural pumps, capacity building, increased and varied solar applications. GSC has a similar agreement with IRENA and is an important player in the IRENA Coalition for Action and its steering committee.

Pranav Mehta, highly regarded as a global solar energy thought leader, has led GSC activities from the front in his earlier capacity as GSC Chair Elect and its Co-Chairman since its inception.

Mr Mehta has been invited by over 15 countries in the last two years to share his vision and experience in India’s impressive solar growth. The visionary is credited with having played a catalytic and pivotal role in opinion building, emphasis and awareness about the importance of solar energy, integrating the efforts of all solar energy stakeholders including government and private sector as well as the intellectual inputs.

Today, India is placed amongst the Top 5 solar players in the world and is third largest solar market.

“India’s impressive growth would not have been complete without Prime Minister Modi and his government’s enabling policies, role of proactive bureaucracy and significant contribution of solar industry players in terms of capital investment, technology deployment, employment generation, skill development, innovative financing and above all, achieving cost reduction,” opines Mr Mehta, who is well known for his work in the area of sustainable development and outgoing environmental and social concerns.