Orb Energy commissions rooftop solar systems for cold storage companies in Byadgi, Karnataka


Orb Energy (“Orb”) has successfully installed and commissioned two 80 kW rooftop solar systems – for both Kedarnath Cold Storage and Prayag Cold Storage in Byadgi, Haveri district, Karnataka. On average, each of these rooftop solar systems will generate over 1.5 lakh units per annum of its own clean electricity, helping to reduce the cost of running a cold storage facility.

“Cold storage providers play a crucial role in India’s rural economy. They help minimize post-harvest losses and ensure farmers earn more money. We are extremely pleased that Orb’s rooftop solar system is helping cold storage providers significantly reduce their electricity costs, and bring efficiencies into the food supply chain.” said Damian Miller, Orb’s Chief Executive Officer.

Orb’s rooftop solar systems provide commercial and industrial customers a three- to four-year payback without any subsidy. Because many SMEs in India can only afford rooftop solar with finance, Orb offers a collateral-free solar loan to SMEs that matches their payback period, after which all their power from solar is effectively free.

“Karnataka is the third leading chilli producing state in India, and Byadgi chilli is a popular variety of red chilli named after the town Byadgi, located in Haveri district. Both Kedarnath and Prayag Cold Storage each with a capacity of storing 2,400 metric tonnes of chilli, play a major role in minimizing post-harvest losses. Our goal is to retain our market share by providing cold storage services at a competitive price. One of the ways to achieve this is to bring down our electricity costs and also support green energy. Thanks to Orb, we currently expect to produce an average of approximately 400 units of clean solar electricity per day, expecting to save up to Rs 5.5 lakh per annum in electricity costs with payback in just 4 years,” said Vinay S Patil, Proprietor, Kedarnath Cold Storage and Srinivas Betageri, Managing Partner, Prayag Cold Storage.

Orb is a vertically integrated provider of rooftop solar solutions that manufactures its own range of solar panels in Bangalore, India and provides a unique in-house finance for SMEs who want to own their own rooftop solar system.