Oorja signs pact with South Pole for Distributed Renewable Energy Certificates


Oorja has signed a 3-year agreement with South Pole as a conduit to sell Distributed Renewable Energy Certificates (D-RECs) for emissions saved from our solar projects to potential corporate off-takers. The D-RECs will accelerate the energy transition in emerging markets and support the achievement of SDG7 – access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030.

The D-REC Initiative, the organisation spearheading the global market for distributed renewable energy, plans to distribute 35% of renewable capacity growth by 2050. Through this, they will develop new ways of measuring and monetising social and environmental benefits.

The agreement with South Pole will see Oorja providing energy generation and consumption data from its solar project sites located in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This would be certified and sold in the form of D-RECs by South Pole, unlocking additional project finance to scale up our innovation and increase the reach and impact of our agri-energy services.