Mysun helps St Xavier’s High School go solar on its iconic building in Mumbai


The rooftop solar system is a part of the larger go green initiative taken by the institute as it celebrates its 150th year anniversary. Made up of high-efficiency 350Wp solar panels using the latest half-cut cell technology, the solar system sits beautifully on the roof of the school’s iconic building, helping the school save close to INR 7 lakhs every year on their electricity bill.

The solar solution is akin to planting 850 trees. Moreover, on the weekends and school holidays, the solar energy generated would be exported back to the grid through net-metering so as to maximise the benefits of solar for the school. The initiative has been hailed by academicians, students and other stakeholders as a welcome move, considering solar energy is the most feasible way to ensure a clean and green environment.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Gagan Vermani, Founder and CEO, Mysun, said, “I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to St. Xavier’s High School on going the solar way. This will help the school to address the problems of sustainability while simultaneously saving substantially on power consumption. The prestigious academic institution has set a great example for its students by installing the solar-powered system”.

FR (DR) Francis Swamy S.J., Manager/CEO, St. Xavier’s High School, commented, “We believe in change and to commemorate St. Xavier’s High School’s 150th anniversary, the school management decided to undertake this initiative to bring a significant change to the institution. Adopting solar energy will certainly help the school achieve greater economic sustainability by reducing our consumption of and dependence on state supplied electricity.”

Ms. Sharmila Sunny, Principal, St. Xavier’s High School, beaming with pride added, “This is a remarkable achievement for all of us at St. Xavier’s High School, and I hope more schools follow the new age trend and go solar. Not just saving, the solar system will be an inspiration to our students and teachers who read and study about solar systems as a part of their curriculum. They will be able to see the system up close and we are sure will be the best ambassadors of the go green movement.”

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