Mondragon Assembly bets on Energy Storage


With the beginning of this 2018, we enter a new era, the era of sustainable solutions. Energy Storage is going to be one of the bets of the future and, in part, it is already a reality.

In Energy Storage, batteries will play a prominent role, and Mondragon Assembly, as an innovative company, wishes to be a part of it. Applying the knowledge obtained over decades in the manufacture of machinery for the automotive and photovoltaic sectors, Mondragon Assembly will present this year its new jewel.

A compact, automatic, fast and flexible solution, which, of course, features the excellence in quality that characterizes this brand. Able to manufacture batteries up to 19” in just 5 minutes, and not only that, equipped with a cell classification and subsequent configuration system, in order to manufacture high-performance batteries for mobile and stationary applications.

With all that, the manufacture of batteries of the highest quality will be available to everyone. Intuitiveness, ease of use and autonomy are its ultimate hallmarks. A solution that will be the envy of its predecessors.