Mittal Tower at Nariman Point goes solar


South Mumbai building Mittal Tower Premises Co-operative Society Ltd. has installed rooftop solar panels to generate 1,72,500 units annually. The commercial building spanning across 48,000 sq.ft is situated at the iconic Nariman Point, house of some of India’s prestigious business headquarters.

Speaking about the decision to go solar, Mr. Badal Mittal, Honorary Secretary of Mittal Tower Premises Co-operative Society Ltd. highlighted the importance of having a green mindset. “Sustainable energy is the future and adopting clean energy must be a business imperative for us all. Utilizing the rooftop space for generating solar power was an important milestone in our commitment toward a green tomorrow.”

The 16-floor building has installed 120.8 kW for its A, B & C wings. The rooftop solar plant was installed by Avishakti Solar. Animesh Manek, Founder & MD explained how it works. “The rooftop solar plant at Mittal Towers was a highly customized one. We used 302 number of panels across 9,000 sq feet of rooftop area space. 3D modelling and shadow analysis was used to design the layout of solar panels ensuring optimized utilization of shadow free area. The on-grid rooftop solar plant is powered by metering system which helps in the import and export of electricity from the grid.”

The rooftop solar plant will light up the common areas of the commercial building including lobby lighting, elevators, water filtration plant and water pumps. Raje Swali, a society member added, “the rooftop solar plant will cover 70% of our electricity consumption, replacing it with clean energy. The plant will generate 1,72,500 units of electricity and will be helping in savings of INR ₹21,60,000 annually”.

“Not only was the plant highly customized for our requirement, there was this important element of structural integrity. We had multiple rounds of discussions with the team at Avishakti Solar, focused on analyzing the structure that holds the PV system. Given our location that’s next to the sea, it was important to consider unpredictable weather conditions of the future”, added Jai Punjani, a society member.

Not only does the rooftop solar plant help in big savings for Mittal Tower, it also results in reducing their CO2 emissions by 3718 tonnes over a lifetime. This is equivalent to planting 5943 teak trees.

“We are witnessing a lot of uptake for rooftop solar in Mumbai. It’s great to see the people becoming more aware of sustainable ways of living and knowing the positive impact it makes for our future generations. It’s a promise for a better tomorrow”, Animesh concluded.

About Avishakti Solar

Avishakti Solar was started in 2016 by Animesh Manek fuelled by the dream of helping people adopt solar power as a renewable and cheaper source for electricity. Today, Avishakti Solar is one of Mumbai’s leading solar EPC installation experts with more than 1 Megawatt of installed capacity in residential, commercial, and institutional space. The firm caters to rooftop solar projects of all capacities ranging from 5 kW to 1 MW.