Lowsoot launches crowdfunding drive to support green projects to reduce carbon footprints


Lowsoot, an India-based environmental startup company, has launched crowdfunding on the website to support many green projects to reduce carbon footprints. Under this drive, Lowsoot is raising crowdfund money for projects that have a social and environmental impact. When people donate for these causes, people get tax benefits under the 80g section of income tax laws.

Lowsoot is currently working on three significant projects, first helping build India’s first eco-village, a model for all other villages to grow sustainably. The company is planting mangroves and NGO partners to support the river to preserve the biodiversity and the local livelihood of Sundarbans. Mangroves not only help the local community but also offset almost 3 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

The company is also helping the Adivasi community with a smokeless cookstove in collaboration with an NGO partner. These cookstoves are certified gold standard. These cook stores help the Adivasi community cook food in a less hazardous environment, and the cookstove uses 30% less biomass to cook.

Lowsoot assists people in tracking and eradicating their daily carbon footprint. Lowsoot is being supported by eBikeGo as part of its mission to speed the world’s transition to net-zero energy. By investing in carbon-reduction projects, it would create a platform for monitoring and eradicating carbon emissions by investing in carbon-reduction projects. Lowsoot has saved 5616 tonnes of CO2 as of today.

The funds received from the crowdfunding drive will be used to fund local communities and climate change projects. It will help to raise funds for local communities while offsetting your annual Carbon Footprint with Lowsoot.

Under this, the verified communities can be physically visited, regular campaigns updates, and proper transparency. So there will be no changes of discrepancy of funds.

Lowsoot calculates the individual and company’s carbon footprints using Lowsoot’s basic technology online platform. It helps to calculate how much CO2 an individual or an organization emits during an entire year; each individual has an option to erase their carbon footprint by investing in green projects. Lowsoot also collaborates with a team of researchers, audit agencies to track the effect of each project and publicize its progress on its platform in the form of thorough project reports that include photos, anecdotes, and rich data.

“We are thrilled to kick off our crowdfunding campaign for initiatives that have both a social and an environmental impact.The funds collected from this crowdfunding drive will be used to fund local communities and climate change projects. To date, Lowsoot has provided 109 villages and 3750 households with Smokeless and Eco-Friendly Stoves. This drive is a Low-cost renewable energy technology & capacity-building activity at the village levels to provide solutions for problems occurring due to carbon emissions at a community and village level and to support many green projects to reduce carbon footprints,” said Sachin Sengar, Founder & CEO of Lowsoot.


Lowsoot (www.lowsoot.com) was founded in 2021 with a mission to calculate the human footprint and erase the carbon footprint to reverse climate change practically. Lowsoot is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The company envisions a world where everyone, including individuals & organizations, are operating carbon neutrally, i.e., by adopting sustainable practices and paying by erasing their unavoidable carbon impact, all entities are erasing their carbon footprint.Lowsoot has collaborated with eBikeGo, India’s leading mobility solution provider, and commodities like Saytrees, Flora Foundation & Inseda. Currently, Lowsoot is based out of Bengaluru and is planning to expand with its unique app, which tracks individuals, establishments, and companies’ carbon footprint and provides viable solutions to erase it.