Loom Solar offers solar systems for home at lowest price in India


Solar systems has many unique advantages like it gives freedom to paying bills to electricity board, it is movable item so if you want to shift it from one location to other, you can easily do it. Besides, It works properly in any location from Ladakh to Himalaya. If you want to store energy storage, you can do it using battery system. It helps to get electricity in night hour or rainy day.

It has components of Solar panels, Solar inverter and Solar Battery for off grid system where you want power backup for your regular needs.

Above product is made by Luminous, having 650va solar inverter, 120 ah/12 volt battery and 200 watt panels are perfect combinations for small solar systems for home.

Loom Solar offers this product at Rs.35,000/- (Price) after discount, and it includes product delivery in 3 days  and proper installations free of cost. Besides, you get guarantee of solar panel for 25 years.

Solar solutions is getting popular in India as Price is getting reduced of solar panel year on year basis besides, government provides subsidy upto 30% on each KW to residential buyers.