Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College signs pact with Hygge Energy


Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College (GNDEC) has signed a MOU with Canadian startup Hygge Energy, a Toronto-based startup that has recently developed its proprietary blockchain-based clean energy platform for peer to peer trading and EV charging. It will reduce energy prices for consumers, increase energy resiliency of communities, and improve returns for utilities as well as storage and distribution generation owners.

Hygge Energy’s proprietary technology platform comprises a customer-premises device that operates on embedded advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain to track, record and optimize clean energy for the purpose of peer-to-peer trading as well as EV charging. This platform has already been implemented and consequently benefited customers.

The project with GNDEC will not only give the college access and exposure to cutting-edge technologies, but also enable these technologies to reduce the college campus’s electricity consumption and costs and increase its resiliency during grid outages. The Hygge Platform will accomplish this while prioritizing and maximizing the use of clean energy for campus electrification as well as EV charging.

Additionally, GNDEC faculty members will be invited to visit Hygge Energy’s project sites in Canada and USA as part of this MoU.

Sehijpal Singh, Principal of GNDEC, believes, “Hygge Energy and GNDEC share a common philosophy – that of utilizing technical knowhow and innovative technologies to encourage socioeconomic upliftment of disadvantaged strata of society by deploying these resources in service of communities that require such support.”

Prateek Saxena, Founder and CEO at Hygge Energy, said “Hygge Energy is rapidly increasing its footprint with different use cases, and setting up our system in a campus environmentis one of the major strategic use cases for us. This project and its results will help us establish Hygge Energy as a strong player in peer-to-peer technology for campuses.”

Kanwardeep Singh, HOD, Electrical Engineering Department said that department was in the process continuously upgrading its laboratories and this MoU would help in this direction. Arvind Dhingra, Coordinator for this project, said that with the growing interest in Electric Vehicles, this MoU would pave way for students to become by acquainted with new knowledge.