EZ4EV transforms to EzUrja, expands its portfolio to energy management


Initiated in the domain of Electric Vehicle infra systems and charging devices, Ez4EV transforms to EzUrja by enlarging its vision in the growing market of energy customers.

With the advent of the EV development globally, EzUrja looks upon robust product innovations and effectively maintainable delivery systems. The company ensures localized manufacturing and post sales services for stabilizing the EV Charging either static or mobile and ease in delivery riding on full stack software and apps.

EzUrja derives its strength from its partners, primarily C4V USA, the innovators of the Lithium-Ion new cell chemistry technology which has established a 2 GW manufacturing plant IM3 New York.

Under the MOU drawn with EESL way back in 2018, EzUrja got the impetus to develop locally produced EV chargers. Over the past 2 years and continuous R&D with its partners Pyramid Electronics, under its JV EzPyramid Energy. Thus, ensuring committed growth and development to meet the burgeoning EV market and infra requirements. Eventually, limiting heavy imports by localizing the product development and manufacturing from the three plants in India warranting a production capacity of 800 units per month.

Ashhok Kapoor, Director & CBO- EzUrja, “describes this expansion as the outcome of the market growth and stabilization of energy storage sector & increasing EV infra demands. Also, the need of the hour – localization which is a must to meet the customization as well as timely deliveries ensuring robust & quality products.”

He further stated, “By providing convenient and reliable charging options, we are helping to make sustainable EV transportation accessible to all.”

EzUrja has designed solutions which shall be soon launched in the market for EV growth in India by fulfilling the gap in infrastructure requirements and the EV buyer concern of range anxiety. Ez4EV mobile EV chargers, equipped with energy storage and a bank of AC & DC fast chargers to meet the requirements of 2W, 3W to e-busses and soon to see commercial e-vehicles. Based on app booking, full EV charging anywhere – anytime.

With the Pollution Control Board ensuring maintenance of clean environment, Delhi has been given its date to discontinue diesel generator sets which need appropriate options. EzEnergy as a solution has been designed as customized energy storage packaged with lithium-ion batteries capable of 1 hour to 4 hour back-ups or more as per the consumption demands.

The company has been successfully offering convenient, reliable, and safer charging solutions to provide efficient energy systems and clean mobility available and accessible for all. With this step, the company has further strengthened its commitment to providing “easy power anywhere” and

to meet the growing demands of the burgeoning EV industry and energy needs in India and products to meet global demands.


About EzUrja

EzUrja Private Limited is an EcoTechno Company, which is building smart energy products for a new-age energy market.

Incorporated in 2019 with an aim to provide providing charging infrastructure to burgeoning EV market, the company quickly transitioned to an end-to-end solution provider on demand of smart energy for modern infrastructure, demand management and sustainable energy.

Combining existing group capabilities with strategic partnerships across the energy domain have helped EzUrja offer a holistic ecosystem of hardware, software and payment solution to provide an easy-to-use interface to the end users.

At EzUrja we believe in holistic solutions that are data driven and follow the values of our ESG goals. We are innovators, enviro-pacifists, dreamers and creators. The team believes in action, progress and growth. We are obsessively passionate about integrating energy sources and its efficient utilization to make the world a better place.