DNV GL launches Operations & Analytics Centre in India to enable 24/7 monitoring for renewable assets globally


The new centre will work in tandem with DNV GL’s existing UK Operations Control Centre in Glasgow, to offer seamless 24/7 monitoring services that aim to strengthen performance and operational efficiencies of renewable assets alongside detecting, analysing and predicting failures.

DNV GL’s recently published Energy Transition Outlook report forecasts that by 2050, 80% of global electricity production will come from renewables. The transition to clean and renewable sources of energy has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, rendering the efficient monitoring and optimization of renewable energy assets critical for owners and investors alike.

India, in particular, is running one of the largest and most ambitious renewable capacity expansion programs in the world, making Bengaluru, also known as India’s Silicon Valley, a strategic operative location for this new global service centre, building on DNV GL’s established presence in the city.

The new global monitoring centre is especially significant to independent power providers, developers and investors for whom in-house monitoring centres may not be sustainable in terms of investment, hardware, manpower, and training in operations & management.

The Global Operations & Analytics Centre will offer digital monitoring solutions including WindGemini, a digital twin for wind turbine operations, and the newly launched Horizon, the world’s first data monitoring platform for integrated wind, solar and energy storage systems.

To address the rising need of flexibility solutions in a power system dominated by renewables, DNV GL is also planning to introduce performance and failure analysis services to newer areas like energy storage and cyber security.

Lucy Craig, Vice President and Director for Technology & Innovation, DNV GL – Energy, said: “With the increasing global penetration of wind and solar energy sources, there is a growing requirement for improved efficiency and optimisation of performance through digitalization and dynamic control of these renewable assets. The new Global Operations & Analytics Centre is part of DNV GL’s drive to innovate and develop new digital services for our customers, to support the industry in becoming more efficient and accelerate the transition towards a cleaner energy future.”