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Solarcycle invests $344 million in solar factory

Solarcycle has invested $344 million in a solar manufacturing facility in Polk County, Georgia. The factory has been designed to use recycled materials from retired solar panels to produce new solar glass, positioning Solarcycle as one of the first manufacturers of specialized glass for crystalline-silicon PV in the US market.

Qcells, Solarcycle aim to jointly recover 95% of solar panel value

Qcells and Solarcycle have established the first US solar recycling alliance.


5 ways to recycle Li-ion batteries

Recycling end-of-life lithium-ion batteries can help address the problem of material scarcity by reducing dependence on lithium mining by 25%, and cobalt by 35%. It would also ensure the local availability of recycled critical materials. Here’s a look at the different ways to recycle batteries.


Best practices for end-of-life PV management

SolarPower Europe says it expects some of the European Union’s solar fleet to reach end-of-life (EoL) status within the next decade. Its new report outlines sustainable methods for handling EoL solar panels.

Bharat Mobility Global Expo to showcase EV battery, recycling, and charging infra innovations

Electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing, battery safety, and recycling along with EV charging and battery swapping are the key areas of discussion at the Bharat Mobility Global expo, scheduled from Feb. 1 –3, 2024, in New Delhi.

Hyundai acquires stake in German PV recyling specialist Flaxres

Flaxres says it will leverage Hyundai’s capabilities to expand its business outside of Germany. The company has developed a solar module recycling technology that is based on short-term high-temperature heating using flash lamps.

Major U.S. solar developer announces recycling plans

EDF Renewables North America signs on with Solarcycle to recycle damaged or broken solar panels.


How are solar panels made, and how are they recycled? 

Gigawatts of solar farms are being installed throughout the world. But have you ever wondered how solar panels are manufactured and how they are recycled? 

Solar panel waste is not a significant problem

Solar panel waste will not be a problem because there is so little of it. However, there is a short-term problem in some places because panel deployment is growing fast and recycling is playing catch up.

Recycling solar panels via supercritical water tech

A Brazilian research group has developed a new method that uses the unique properties of supercritical water to recycle end-of-life solar panels. The scientists claim the novel approach is able to achieve a 99.6% organic degradation, without using toxic or hazardous chemicals.

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