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Climate Change

A look into the green credit system for renewable energy

Green credits offer a vital mechanism for incentivizing environmentally positive actions beyond just corporations, involving individuals and communities. By providing tangible benefits for sustainable practices, such as renewable energy adoption and conservation efforts, green credits engage the public at large, fostering widespread participation in combating climate change.


India’s ruling party pledges renewables, manufacturing focus in its poll manifesto

India’s ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has vowed continued focus on renewables, energy storage and electric mobility with a view to achieving energy independence for the nation by 2047.


Strategic challenges and choices in meeting Net Zero

One of the measures to achieve net-zero emissions and sustainability lies in transitioning from conventional energy sources to renewable and green energy alternatives. This article focuses on the transition process for businesses. It delves into the entire life cycle of this transition, encompassing regulatory frameworks, strategies, and the requisite consideration of investments needed to facilitate this shift towards a more sustainable future.


Adani sponsored ‘green energy gallery’ opens at London Science Museum

London Science Museum’s newest exhibit is focused on energy transition and renewable energy. The gallery showcases how the world can generate and use energy more sustainably, highlighting technologies and projects from the UK and abroad. Adani Green Energy is the gallery’s title sponsor.


How green credits and green loyalty programs are shaping a sustainable future

Green credits and green loyalty programs represent a burgeoning movement towards sustainability that transcends traditional environmental activism. They embody a partnership between businesses and consumers, where every green choice is celebrated and rewarded.

GCF approves $24.5 million investment in Avaana Capital’s climate and sustainability fund

Green Climate Fund (GCF) has approved a $24.5 million investment in Avaana Capital’s Climate and Sustainability Fund for technology-driven climate solutions.

Climate change mitigation: Embracing transparency, speed, and zero cost 

Emerging technologies are enabling transparency, speed, and affordability across climate mitigation. Blockchain platforms like Poseidon impart radical transparency regarding carbon credits’ origins and impacts, resolving offset greenwashing issues.

The practicality of a 100% renewable energy system

The biggest question for the transition from the conventional practice of electricity generation to 100% eco-clean renewable energy resources is, can we maintain the electricity grid stable every minute of every day? The answer is clearly YES, and it is practical.

Solar energy’s vital role in climate change mitigation

With solar taking a more significant portion of the energy and power mix, climate change can be significantly mitigated. Coal, for instance, is one of the dirtiest fuels, but makes up 70% of India’s power generation.


Solar energy as the change maker in rural India

To scale the adoption of clean technologies in rural areas, we need to focus more on leveraging the experience of early women adopters. We should organise hyperlocal events and demos – create spaces for women to network and become aware.

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