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The Hydrogen Stream: Germany expands global hydrogen alliances

Germany advanced its hydrogen ambitions this week with a fresh call for the International Green Hydrogen Promotion Program in Latin America, a collaborative deal with the UK government, and a tie-up between DHL and Sasol for sustainable aviation fuels based on green hydrogen (eSAF).

The Hydrogen Stream: World’s first green hydrogen plant to heat steel

Hitachi Energy has delivered a modular solution to electrify a 20 MW electrolyzer to produce hydrogen to heat steel before rolling, while Enapter has unveiled its AEM electrolyzers for industrial and refuelling pilot projects.

The Hydrogen Stream: Researchers test marine green hydrogen feasibility

Mexican researchers have revealed test results for offshore wind-based hydrogen production, while Turkey has started negotiating hydrogen facility partnerships with the United Arab Emirates.

The Hydrogen Stream: Gulf nations moving forward with tech cooperation

Acwa Power and Eni have signed a hydrogen development deal, while AFC Energy has signed an agreement with Tamgo to sell hydrogen generators.

The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen buses less efficient than battery models

Italian researchers have compared the performance of hydrogen and electric buses in northern Italy, while DNV has released its guidelines to validate claims related to low-carbon renewable hydrogen and ammonia attributes.

The Hydrogen Stream: Water splitting with solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of 12%

A Japanese team is working on a solar water splitting system with a 12% solar-to-hydrogen efficiency, while UK researchers have identified the reason why graphene’s dense crystalline structure is much more permeable to protons.

The Hydrogen Stream: New way to make drug materials from hydrogen

UW–Madison has developed an environmentally friendly approach for producing essential drug ingredients by opting for hydrogen, while India has presented new green hydrogen standards.

The Hydrogen Stream: US awards $34 million to 19 hydrogen projects

As the US and British government press ahead with their hydrogen support projects, a team from Korea and the US has developed an iridium nanostructure catalyst, which decreased the amount of the chemical element. Meanwhile, hydrogen projects are proceeding in West Virginia, Denmark, Finland, and Japan.

The Hydrogen Stream: Perovskites-based photoanodes for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting

A research team has developed OHP-based photoanodes for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting, minimizing the usual limitations. Meanwhile, China released its first hydrogen guideline, and Germany announced €18.6 billion for the hydrogen industry. Finally, a German company finds out that hydrogen trains are more expensive than battery-operated vehicles.

Enel develops robot for waterless cleaning of PV plants

Enel says it will work with Italian startup Reiwa to develop a robot for waterless cleaning of PV plants. The innovative device features brushes and can autonomously navigate across panel rows, eliminating the need for human intervention.

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